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  1. I may be using the wrong term, then. I am using browser based Gmail, using Chrome, on my 2 difference desktop computers. It is the newer Gmail, and I'm going to try switching back to see if that makes a difference. Update: it did not make a difference. I can't imagine what is causing this. Does EN on the web update itself to the latest version?
  2. I checked the box, and now everything is going to Reference notebook, instead of default All new, so that is worse. And with no tags.
  3. Even so, email forwarded from other email clients is filing correctly, so I don't think that is the problem
  4. Can't find that setting on web EN or on desktop. Where would it be?
  5. Here's the summary. From other email clients, and from my phone Gmail, things work as you would expect. Mail forwarded to my EN email address from my desktop Gmail client go only to the default notebook. For all of the above, the subject line in my EN note ends up You're not doing it all wrong @Reference #blogging The title ends up Fwd: You're not doing it all wrong
  6. Good suggestion. In desktop client, forwarded email from me to me, and yes, the edited subject heading travelled. So seems as if Gmail desktop client is allowing the edit, but Evernote isn't reading it correctly. In fact, Evernote is reading something in the email that I can't see, so that the EN title matches the original subject, but the Evernote isn't reading the tags Subject: No follow @Reference #blogging This is what my EN note says, but the title for the note is "Fwd: No follow"
  7. Aha. That did work. So it is forward, from the Gmail desktop client, that doesn't work. So then I tried editing a couple of subject lines, removing the subject completely, changing it , and adding my notebook and tag info. ***The subject line edit didn't work*** Gmail is still keeping the original subject line somewhere that I can't see, and so it's not even adding my notebook/tag info. Apparently this is **not** a new issue, and is well known to EN But it works for some people on this thread; why, I wonder
  8. Here's the link. I started this before I saw your suggestion not to. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/115221-email-forward-via-gmail-desktop-not-working-properly/ so I'll keep my discussion there for the time being.
  9. In another thread, I brought up that my forwarded emails were going to my default mailbox only, despite assigning notebooks and tags. In troubleshooting, I discovered that my EN receives emails properly from my GMail on my Android phone, and from my Outlook-style email client on my work desktop. It does not received emails properly when sent from my desktop Gmail. This is true on my work computer using Windows 10, and my home computer using Windows 7. Is this a known issue?
  10. Troubleshooting Sent a test forward from another email client (RedHorse, similar to Outlook) to @Action #blogging -- worked fine Sent myself a fresh email to my Gmail account, forwarded to EN to @Action #blogging -- failed So my EN works on my Android phone, my Outlook type email, but not on Gmail desktop version, 2 separate computers, one with Windows 10 and the other Windows 7. Any ideas? Should I start a new thread?
  11. Thanks for your reply. When I got it, I was on my Android, and everything worked perfectly there. Seems that my problem occurs when working from my EN desktop version, which of course is where I really need it. I've now verified that this is the issue. Your reply did cause me to change my notebook names to one word, but that still isn't helping on desktop In fact, a test of attaching only a notebook name, or only a tag, also failed. So forward is not working from the desktop version, on 2 different computers Any help appreciated.
  12. I have EN paid version. I am trying desperately to get my Gmail to forward properly into specified notebooks with tags, with absolutely no luck After searching I don't see any recent posts about this; most go back several years. I am using existing notebook names and existing tags, in the format Subject @Notebookname #tagname I've tried it with one space after the email's existing subject, I've tried adding a few words to the subject; no luck Please advise. This feature is why I used paid version. I am beyond frustrated.
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