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  1. Thanks, @PinkElephant. I see you get the point. And thanks for the tip about the contact. I won't disturb him unless strictly necessary, anyway. Support just replied giving me a support email, and I'll try that channel. I hope to get my tech answers that way (that I'll share on my part on StackOverflow). Still, a pity that so many tech questions are left without public reply or discussion. Thanks again.
  2. I certainly don't want to bother users, @PinkElephant, but Evernote officially and clearly points (https://dev.evernote.com/support/) here or to StackOverflow. And in both places you don't get support from Evernote team. I whished someone of the Team was around in one of those two places... or another place clearly indicated for developer support. Already asked to the link you provided, but only useless automatic replies, for now. Certainly not what's needed for who's developing a commercial integration. Anyway, thanks for your reply. I'm not expecting answers from users, of course. Just trying to raise an issue. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.
  3. I'm confused. For developers, all of the online doc points to either this forum or stackoverflow, to get support. However, tech issues with APIs can't be discussed on this forum, because "it's user supported", nor receive any support on StackOverflow, clearly abandoned. Where DOES Evernote company officially provide support?
  4. I'm developing a Windows client for some integration with Evernote desktop. In particular, I need to build locale links to notes, which requires the userId and shardId (evernote:///view/[userId]/[shardId]/[noteGuid]/[noteGuid]/). Problem is, I don't find how to programmatically get userId and shardId. I need to use ENSessionAdvanced instead of ENSession, and I authenticate to Evernote by an API key, as follows: ENSessionAdvanced.SetSharedSessionConsumerKey("key", "secret"); if (!ENSessionAdvanced.SharedSession.IsAuthenticated) ENSessionAdvanced.SharedSession.AuthenticateToEvernote(); From there, I can get notebooks and notes, and everything, but no idea of where to get userId and shardId. Help!
  5. In my opinion, we are discussing of two completely different needs, and I think it's a mistake, trying to reconcile them. Someone just needs a password protection on notebooks or, let me say so, a "soft" encryption. Useful for personal journaling, not-so-important accounts and so on. Nothing they care to protect from government... They only want to protect from prying eyes. Let's say "private" notebooks. Others need to store completely unreachable information. Not necessarily terrorists. Maybe politicians who do not want to let someone put his nose on anything private, or professionals who have to keep some data confidential, or, simply, normal people who are concerned to store safely the login data of the bank account. They need a safe or a vault. Let's say "safe" notebooks. Or maybe, the same person (me, for example) has the two needs. Why not just make available the two different features? "Private" notebooks, with just a password. Not strongly protected but searchable and, maybe, password recovery option. "Safe" notebooks, REALLY encripted, totally or in part. I mean: totally encripted, or searchable titles but unsearchable content. Without password recovery option, of course. You will NEVER succeed to make a compromise beetween the two solutions or convince the users they do not need one or the other solution. It's a useless struggle.
  6. I think that encrypted notebooks are one of the most needed features! Not truly safe? Hey! It's my choice!!! They don't provide cars without brakes because they can wear out. Check your brakes, but brakes are usefull. World is full of softwares and devices with drawbacks. You can put your accounts into an usb key and that can be stolen but... it's not a reason to not produce usb keys!!! Encrypted/password-protected notebooks are usefull for a lot of semi-sensitive or sensitive data. Period. Drawbacks in term of indexing, security, ecc.? Let me know. I will decide if the option fits me. And I know will fit!
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