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  1. I had this problem last night. I made change on my desktop last night and SYNC'd them - several times as a matter of fact - the last time at 10:38pm. When I opened my ipad this morning (less than 8 hours later, but so what) it had the old copy, so I sync'd to pull in the new stuff (which is what I usually do and it has always worked before). It pulled in an old version - even though in that specific note button info said 'Updated Yesterday 10:38' Defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it. Thak goodness it was a short note, I have written back up and I am not a paid member or I'd be a lot more upset. Oh, and when I came over to my desktop (I happened to be at home) where the addtions were still showing in that note, a sync wiped them out (back to the old version). This bug has been going on for a while, it seems looking at this thread. Backing up to another place (including desktop) as some people have suggested, also rather defeats the purpose does it not? And one person suggested leaving mobile device, going over to desktop and making a a quick back up of edits and then doing something to get them to the mobile. Seriously? Support ticket placed. Happy camper was pleased that they made him a premium member for a month so he could grab history file and then he backed it up elsewhere. Seriously? This does not fix the problem. Perhaps it is just not possible to sync across all the devises and for Evernote to know which is the correct change? How do they know that when yu sync from a version that has an old note that it is not the version youwant? Maybe you want all those changes deleted. It has made me a little uncomfortable that there is not a 'save' type button for a local save. Now I know why it has made me uncomfortable - this could happen!
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