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  1. The problem is worse than Saltorio suggests. Yes, there are options to add many formatting flavours via Android, but according to my experience and to miscellaneous posts to this forum, it seems that the formatting tends to be or is at risk of being, erased if the note is edited in Windows. The position is unclear. Evernote do not seem to have a handle on this issue. And the problem with table formatting is also worse. If you create a table in a note in Windows, you cannot then easily/normally edit any normal unformatted text which is written into the note above or below the table.
  2. I suspect you'll find that the problem is not with Pocket, but with the way in which Evernote for Android handles text formatting. Namely, it loses it or mangles it. A similar post: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37375-android-version-kills-my-note-formatting/
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