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  1. I am a somewhat advanced computer user, having played with Regedit in the past with both positive and negative results. Yes, messing around in Regedit is dangerous when one don't know what they are dealing with, this i acknowledge After i updated to Evernote 4, i could open Evernote, but the "cant find the database" error came up. After clicking that away i could send a report to the developers and then it quit I stored my database on a USB stick, which was assigned to the P:\Documents\Privet\Evernote\Database\username.exb, but later i got another letter assigned to D: etc. So i try to trick the program by assigning letter P: to the letter D:, but that only get me another, but different error. So after removing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote, re start Evernote, which then reacts as a newly Installed program, which works for me Hindsight, yes i could try more research and/or uninstall&reinstall or other techniques
  2. Or you can just go Start-> Run Program -> regedit Search for evernote, remove all registery only Evernote Folder at the left side This will think that computer that Evernote is just installed. Atleast this worked for me, which was requires sinces i could note open Evernote otherwise
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