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  1. Recently Google added some useful shortcuts to create new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (e.g.: http://doc.new, http://sheet.new). I wonder if there is an url to create a new note directly on EN web. So I can just fire it on Chrome and start typing…
  2. People share a small fraction of their notes; however, from now on, they have to stare a friendly reminder to share their content with others. Why, dear people at Evernote? Why don't make the note composer something more distraction free?
  3. What is "Spaces", below "Recent Notes" when right clicking in the sidebar?
  4. Yes, but I'm looking for something with a cleaner look cause we use a lot of visual references here in the studio. See the EN for Windows thumbnail display mode in the attached image.
  5. I saw a friend using a gorgeous Pinterest like view in EN for Windows. I asked him about it and came to know there is a Thumbnail view in the windows version of EN. Is there any chance to see it on the Mac version someday?
  6. I'm having some troubles with images. The mac client show them with wrong proportions (stretched): The same does not occur in EN for Web:
  7. My team works with a vast collection of images and we all find it very hard to go through our entire reference library even in "expanded card view". It would be really nice if Evernote had an image-friendly view option; something more like Pinterest and less like Windows explorer.
  8. A lot of people use EN to store their references, especially creative professionals working with images. It would be nice if the Note Title in Card View and Expanded Card view be something less intrusive.
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