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  1. Top View is a deal breaker for me. Remember this exact same thing happened with a previous update. Please RESTORE Top View.
  2. Thanks, that worked. Not ideal as i don't know for sure if things are not going to found when searched.
  3. Search seems not to be working only for 1 note.. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for speedy reply So let's use this as an example i searched for "Macgyver", also tried with single quotes and double quotes. That word is clearly in a note. I tried adding the word Macgyver to another note as a test and it did find it. Maybe it's a corrupted note or something?
  5. Search doesnt seem to work on certain searches. I've tried with quotes and non quotes. The content is there is the note but it can't seem to find it. I've tried with Yosemite and Sierra, and i'm running the latest Evernote 6.10
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