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  1. Hi Gock, I love Marxico but I don't really understand why we have to pay each year. I'm only using the desktop version of marxico and I would be glad to pay 15-20$ one time. But each year is excessive. Notably because the backend part is assumed by another company (evernote) and is also a paid subscription. Just say'in.
  2. As regards moving your evernote database location, i did it twice on windows (with TrueCrypt) and Mac (with a sparse bundle or maybe a dmg). It worked fine on windows but crashed at some point on mac. Evernote support wasn't very supportive with this approach and advised me to let the database at its default location. The flash drive is a good idea and I'm thinking about it. About the joined notebooks quotas, in my tests when connected with a free account, whatever the owner, your quota is impacted.
  3. Hi, @GrumpyMonkey : I joined only some notebooks (the professional ones), so my personal notebooks are not on my business computer. Plus, as I use only shared notebooks with my free account, I was hoping the free account would not be impacted by quotas on these notebooks. The mail feature will do the trick when my quota is reached I guess and of course I still can use TrueCrypt.
  4. OK thanks. That's what I thought. Would be good to have a mean to link (even temporary) a premium and a free account or give "sudo" rights to a free account for special occasions.
  5. Hi, I have a premium account of Evernote in which I have everything I need to remember. I used it for personal and professional needs. I used it at home only because I don't want to have all my personal stuff inside my business computer. In order to use it at work, I created a free account and I shared my professional notebooks with my free account. Occasionally, I'm limited by free accounts limitations. It's a little bit frustrating as I have a premium account. I could use TrueCrypt based solutions to have my whole account protected on my business computer but I'm not a big fan of that kind of solution as I change regularly the computer and it implies to authenticate every morning. I prefer to have only my business stuff locally. Is there a way to handle this situation without buying a new premium access ? Maybe by linking my premium and free accounts ? Maybe by allowing partial synchronization of my premium account ? Thanks.
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