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  1. I am also having this issue with some images that I am trying to move to a business notebook. I move them over, click sync, and they all appear in the "Unsynced Notes" folder leaving the destination folders blank. Quite annoying. Kenny
  2. Thank for the help, Chris. I appreciate the value you add to these forums. I fixed the problem by deleting the database from the folder you mentioned and re-downloading all of the content. Must mean the problem is client side and not server side. Very strange. I wish I knew a way to keep it from happening. Very annoying to get a message saying, essentially, "can't sync." Not very useful. Again, thanks for contributing. Kenny
  3. I am repeatedly getting the error "Sync failed due to unexpected problem at server side" when I attempt to sync in Evernote for Windows (261840) Prerelease. It started in previous versions (from the first v5 pre-release forward). Support has fixed it two times already, but it popped back up again today. I hate clicking sync and wondering if it will work or not. I appreciate support for fixing it the previous times, but what is going on and how do I prevent it? I use Evernote Business and this issue shuts me down for a few days (as I wait for support) since I can't trust what changes have been synced between my computers or my co-workers. Here is a portion of the log file where the problem may be occurring: 06:56:21 [76] 0% Authenticating business Gardenuity06:56:21 [76] 0% Syncing notebook "Compensation" shared by _business_gardenutiy06:56:21 [76] 0% * loaded linked notebook updateCount: 300206:56:22 [76] 0% Linked notebook updateCount=3002, server updateCount=306406:56:22 [76] 0% Retrieving list of notebook changes from the server06:56:22 [76] 0% EDAMNotFoundException: id="LinkedNotebook" key="" I think the last line is the issue, but I certainly don't know. In prior instances, there has been a notebook in the "key=" attribute, but now it is blank. Anyone have any ideas? There is no pattern to the problem, but it usually occurs after I have moved items from personal notebooks into business notebooks (I think). Kenny
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