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  1. Hi Jeff. Perhaps I phrased my initial post incorrectly. Having re-read it a few times I can see how my questions were a bit ambiguous. Essentially all I wanted to know is if there is some way for me to track individual changes now, and if not could Evernote please consider looking into the possibility of implementing it.
  2. I was wondering if there are any plans to come up with a feature that would track changes made to shared notes in Evernote Premium. I created a template in Evernote that tracks the progress of development in a number of different projects. Each of these projects has at least 40 different associated phases in it and each phase has a page in the project notebook. Prior to upgrading to Premium I was the only person who made changes to the notes although they could be viewed by a team of other people. I found that it had become a rather large task to keep all the notes for all projects updated all the time and was excited to see that I could allow the project managers to modify my notes on their own. The one problem I have run into is that there is no convenient way for me to see what changes they have made without copying and pasting the two most recent versions of the Note into Word and trying to pick out the changes that way. My team and I use these notes all the time and I have downloaded the app on all their devices (iPad, iPhones) as well as on my android device and my personal Macbook. One way to keep track of these changes could be to link the template to a Word document and then have that .doc track the changes, however this isn't really feasible as it is difficult to open and manipulate Office docs from the ipads and iphones. I am wondering if there are any plans to add a feature that would track any changes made by shared users in the same way changes are tracked in Word. I was thinking maybe I (the owner) would see the changes in a different font color or something. Is this something that would be possible to program in to the existing system framework? At the very least is there any way I could change the default font color for the different users in their own account? I was asked to post my question here so I thought I would give it a try. Thank you
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