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  1. Nope, disabled the MalwareBytes extension, removed and reinstalled the Evernote extension, but the Evernote icon still isn't in the toolbar. Giving up, switching my default over to Chrome. Hate Google, but at least Chrome works with Evernote. (Well it does today, anyway.) Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, and software is supposed to make working with computers easier. <Sigh!>
  2. Well, I DO have MalwareBytes installed - maybe it extension is causing me this grief...
  3. Thanks - yes, I have been in the IT business for longer than I care to admit. The one aspect of the business that i never get used to is the one you point out so eloquently: "the quickest way to get to the next road block in your life... " I will wait for EN to post an update - heck, maybe I have one waiting now. Meanwhile, maybe this posting will attract comments from others with the same issue. Appreciate your response.
  4. I can't get the Evernote extension working in Firefox. The Evernote Web Clipper page says: Available for Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) 7+, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge (for Windows 10 or higher) Tried updating FF, removing and reinstalling the EN Web Clipper extension, but it just won't load (EN Web Clipper icon doesn't appear on task bar, or in list of taskbar icons to add). Should I assume that I just can't use it, or am I missing something obvious? Done a lot of Googling on the topic, but haven't found anything useful yet. <Sigh!> Life is too short to waste...
  5. I downgraded three client systems to a version around 6.1 today. Left them much happier. Turned off auto update. Who can afford to pay for a service call to downgrade a program that the manufacturer upgraded without testing it?
  6. V 6.7.5 has introduced issues for a client of mine: when they try to Copy and Paste, the Copy part only works once in a while. Causing them a lot of frustration. Not sure if I should try this beta or if I should try to find a previous version. Anyone have a suggestion? Gee, don’t they test these releases before pushing them on unsuspecting users?
  7. I have a client with EN. 4 of 5 computers have been upgraded recently to 6.7.5 (305825) and they are having erratic problems with the copy / paste function. Seems as though the Copy part only works some of the time, and frequently when they try to Paste, it's an older Copy that is Pasted. Wondering if I need to cleanly uninstall (using something like Revo) and reinstall? Maybe find an older version somewhere? Very annoying, especially when a client seems to blame me for the software not working, as though I wrote it or something...
  8. Guess I am a bit confused: Evernote, Web Clipper, and Outlook Clipper are all different products, right? So, when someone announces a new version of Web Clipper, for example, you gotta just install Evernote again to get the new version? Or is there a place where these clipper products can be downloaded separately? Where's the FAQ that explains all this? :-) So, I got Outlook Clipper to actually install and work when starting Outlook. I couldn't just right-click and "Install as Administrator". I had to log out, login as an admin, THEN right-click and "Install as Administrator". Log in as the regular user and the add-in starts with Outlook. Likely more a Windows thing than an Evernote thing, but what do I know?
  9. Sorry if I seem naïve here, but where does the Clipper for Outlook fit in to all this? Web Clipper add-on for Outlook won't start, won't stay enabled. It's all very well and good to keep describing all the fine features of new releases, but if we can't get them to run, the features mean nothing. I've seen other postings here with the same problem, but the only suggestions are to uninstall, reboot, and reinstall. What if that doesn't work?
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