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  1. Love this idea! Make it a user-option for existing notes to "default to editable" or "default to locked". Make "default to editable" the default option so current users aren't surprised by a change.
  2. I moved recently. Before I moved the Evernote Windows client (on either of my two Win8.1 laptops) synced smoothly, every time. Since moving both laptops would partially sync (base note but not PDF contents or base note plus partial PDF contents) or more recently fail to sync the note at all. Once a note has partially synced, I can't seem to find a way to get it to resync correctly. It remains a partial note missing content. To be clear, the problem is downloading notes which appear correct on the Evernote web interface but download incomplete or fail to download on the Windows client. Recent client updates seem to have resolved the partial note update problem but I still continue to get many sync failures. This suggests that now Evernote checks to see that a note has synced entirely before adding it to the local database. The core problem remains - content visible through the web interface isn't being synced with the Windows client. Now, eventually, after a couple of sync attempts the note will usually eventually sync correctly. However the process is painful. I believe that the only thing that changed when I moved was my Internet provider. My internet provided is Verizon FIOS and I have the basic 15 Mbs / 5 Mbs plan. Thanks, Nicholas
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