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  1. Dear Evernote: Please prioritorise this, your competitors are catching up, and once they offer iOS nested/heirachical tagging you will loose a swathe of customers. This was one of the killer functions that got many customers on board. I have been a loyal Evernote customer/user for years, and have watched on in frustration as this request has not been addressed. It is commented on in numerous online reviews and podcasts, and YouTube shows, but all changes/updates Evernote makes seem to take EN in other directions that don’t help iOS users that would represent an important group. Frustratingly, I recall this feature once was available years ago in EN iOS, but was removed (but stayed available in android and other platforms), and was available in now defunct third party EN apps (Clever note?) which I tried using in desperation. I believe Bear notes app already has this function, and many customers are switching, I am investigating that one. OmniFocus has just implemented hierarchical tags, so you will be loosing customers to that app who have been using Evernote as a GTD/task manager, including me. Please consider.
  2. I agree - some quick system for Evernote to pick out handwritten symbols+text to covert to tags would be a _killer feature that would set Evernote out in front of competitors_. Even a two step process: 1. Something easy and quick to write accurately to identify the handwritten tag, maybe a circled asterisk or the word 'tag' in a box something approximately like this for a 'project A'' tag: (*) project A [TAG: project A] 2. Search for all photos with that handwritten tag, select them all, and assign them the Project A tag you already have in Evernote. I've experimented with several variations, but I'm fairly new and not a 'tech-head' so haven't found a way to make this work with the current search function so far. Most punctuation marks seem to be ignored or have a specific search functions assigned to them. Perhaps someone with a better understanding of this could make it work without any new features required, if not would be a worthwhile new feature.
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