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  1. agreed. Nevertheless, a company with a NetWorth as big as the many publications.... its kind of sufficiently big to support such a squad of developers.... (https://www.quora.com/How-much-revenue-is-Evernote-doing-Valuation) <-- I know its not reliable... but its approximately to this discussion needs. EverNote Rules!
  2. hahaha I kind of imagine a room like that one you describe. I believe it that such a room, should be a must have in a company as big as EverNote. I've worked in systems and I know what you are talking about.... I know there is not a "simple add".... nevertheless.... ... Exactly this kind of complications is what big companies can't fix quickly and thus, they give space for dynamic young small companies that can do that movements relatively easy.... If I was EverNote, I would have such a team of developers in a room just thinking and gathering ideas from all this discussi
  3. There are many good and free apps now with capabilities to compete with EverNote, that are focusing on what the biggest are leaving out, and this small thing with EverNote is surely one of them. Why can't EverNote just add this feature??? its SOOOOO simple!, WhatsApp for instance, already did this, and its much more complicated because even with a 20 or more people inside a chat, typing everyone their messages and interacting, the app gives you an arrow down to scroll till bottom in a real time-interacting and ever populating and growing chat. There is so much many small things I wou
  4. Please listen to the customers Evernote! NESTED TAGS IN IOS ARE BASIC!!!! I think you just need a very good Mac programmer to do this. There are many! (Ask for help to the OmniGroup)
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