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  1. To add on to what gazumped said... if you are writing your original post from the same Mac, then yes, yes you are definitely online. If not, you'll need to check to make sure you are. Which is a totally different ball of wax. First, look into this Apple support article: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1810 Follow what it says to ensure Evernote is not being caught up by the firewall. (If you've never touched it, we can safely assume it's on.) If that doesn't work, go into Help menu in EN, click on Activity Log, copy all of the text, and be sure to send that information to Evernote Support. They can walk you through the rest.
  2. Well, we know that Evernote Clearly is 'clearly' able to change the appearance of web pages. So the capability to create a dark theme for easy reading/viewing is feasible. That same functionality should be transferable to other program's in Evernote's line. This would not only provide an ability to change Evernote's base apperance for easier viewing, but also to do a mass format/change to a note. However, something can easily go wrong doing this. So it'll likely need to be done carefully. Especially considering the bug fixing likely needed.
  3. Looked into this a little bit. It seems like there is an issue with AdBlock plugins as it relates to Chrome and possibly Firefox. (Per earlier in the thread.) Popovers can still generate, but cannot be clicked. mzmxl has already mentioned the fix in Chrome. (Adding evernote.com as an exception.) It is possible that Firefox has this fix as well.
  4. Hello! I'll try my best to help you out with this. First thing to try: Formatting the SD Card. Data on it may be corrupt. Remove any data that you need from that card before you do though! Second thing to try: Replace the SD Card. It may have gone bad. Last Resort (As you've tried the others...): Do a factory reset. Ensure that you've backed up all your data before you do this!
  5. Nope, they do not need an Evernote account to open pdf content. They also do not need to have the EN client installed either (just checked) Tim, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions. When you said you sent the email to others, what exactly happened when they tried and opened the pdf? I'm especially curious about error messages or responses. Even a complete lack of response (where the computer reacts, but does nothing) is something I'm curious to know. I am also curious if the pdfs are plain or if they are encrypted, password locked, etc. Edit for additional commentary: Ran a quick test...I sent to an alternate email address a pdf marked up with Skitch. I was still able to open it up and read it without EN or Skitch on this PC.
  6. Considering that Remember the Milk has Evernote integration, I was actually wondering if the recurring feature in RtM updates the reminder in Evernote. Just a question that occurs to me reading this thread. So I did some research and edited this post. First: ...and I just finished reading the thread and found that article mentioned above. And per RtM's blog, the reminders can repeat. Can be a nice workaround in the meantime, I guess? Or are there limitations that I haven't found yet? Second: Limitations that I've found in two minutes after making the last edit. The integration between RtM and Evernote is based on the Evernote's Webhooks feature. That feature does not allow integration with Shared notebooks and Evernote for Business at this time. Third: One more issue I've found. The sync between RtM apps to Rtm servers is limited to once every 24 hours. However the sync between Evernote goes directly to RtM and back... and there doesn't seem to be a limit on THAT sync method. However, I would prefer to work with the RtM app in my tablet rather than just rely on RtM web app for my reminder management needs. Conclusion: Using RtM will enable repeat reminders and other task management tools. However, for full functionality across all platforms at Evernote's level (along with location based reminders), you'll be paying $25 a year. So yeah, consider this my fully researched +1 for a repeat reminder baked into Evernote itself. RtM is very powerful, and very nice. However, I would prefer it to sync to my tablet more than once every 24 hours. I could work around this using the web app, but I'd like to be able to make changes into RtM itself whenver I need to do so.
  7. A quick check into Quickoffice support through Google shows that there is actually no way to do that. I would actually suggest other options, depending on how flexible you feel. If you need an Office suite, OfficeSuite Pro has some integration with Evernote already. However, if you are open to other options, I stumbled across tOpener just now. $1.99, but can open and edit files with alternate extensions (.html, .css for example.) Hope that helps!
  8. S-note on the Note 3 is able to sync to your Evernote account, which allows your use case some flexibility. Not completely, mind, but some flexibility. But S-note on the Note 3 is able to handle the tables you create. However,hey would have to be imported manually, per a quick glance at the Note 3 manual. You could also paste in an image of the table and mark it up that way, but you wouldn't be able to modify that table. Like I said earlier, as S-note can sync to Evernote, you'll then be able to at least see it on the PC. However, checking off items and doing repacking, along with the sorting you previously described, would likely be possible only on the Note 3 in this use case. I don't believe the Ink note function in the EN windows client would have the ability to modify an S-note (though it'd be kinda cool if they did later...). Adding one more thought: Remember the Milk has integration with Evernote through the Reminders system. This could be another option available to you.
  9. In reply to your list - Things you CAN do... Through Evernote Web Clipper, you can grab the address of the page as well as how much of the page that you need. You can shift from article view, full page view, etc.You can add more text in the note from the Web clip, including providing an alternative TitleYou can attach files of any type to a note, but you are limited in size (25 MB for Free users, 100 MB for Premium users) Audio is likely, but video is ...problematic.Creating a web page in Evernote would be excessively problematic at the least. Evernote would be best to compile the information. (Especially that Web Clipper... I've found it very excellent when pulling articles for reading.) You would then use a separate program to build the actual page. With this in mind, here are a few suggestions that might fulfill your needs, but take this with a grain of salt... it's all off the top of my crazy head. Use Evernote to compile and gather your articles with Web Clipper. If you have video and audio files, store them into something like Dropbox (You would have to share the file from within DropBox). Build your webpage, including the link to the DropBox information, from your Evernote notes. Same as above, but instead of a webpage, merely share the notebook, with each article pulled as a note (with the link to the audio/video file in the description). (Especially effective if none of your readers need to contribute to it.) Simply share a different notebook with each issue.I hope this works. There are more solutions out there, some not Evernote related, but this is what I can think of in a couple of minutes.
  10. Yes - but you must login to Evernote online using the Internet at least ONCE in order to access your local notebook. If the device you are using will NEVER have access to the Internet (or somehow loses the login through power failure or a few other possibilities), you have no access to your local data. Hrm....from my understanding, the net access is needed only for the registration. From that point forward, you should be fine just storing Local Notebooks, as you should be able to open the program without the need for any login. (Not to mention turning off the auto-sync.) I will test this when I get home, as I can't check from the computers I am at.
  11. Did a little research on this. Try the following: Try to uninstall Evernote, then reinstall it. Is your S4 rooted? If so, use a file manager to uninstall Evernote, then remove all traces of it from your phone. Then reinstall from the Play Store. Worst case scenario: Do a factory reset on your phone. (Please ensure all your contacts, pictures, and other data is backed up before you do this! Evernote data is likely already backed up unless you made a note that didn't sync before this happened)A factory reset is the most likely successful fix for the problem (based on googling your error), so you may just want to go ahead and do that. Good luck!
  12. Check settings on the S-note side of the fence, but I don't believe there really is an option to alter how it appears on the Evernote side of things. Also, do they appear that way across all clients? What I mean is, does that pixellation occur in the Windows client (as an example) Sidenote: As S-note is a Samsung item, I'd recommend checking with them as well. Samsung support is here: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/ Hopefully that makes things a little clearer. After a fast google search through the evernote forums, I've found that the resolution issue is a current issue between Samsung and Evernote. Hopefully an update on either side will change that.
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