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  1. Considering that Remember the Milk has Evernote integration, I was actually wondering if the recurring feature in RtM updates the reminder in Evernote. Just a question that occurs to me reading this thread. So I did some research and edited this post. First: ...and I just finished reading the thread and found that article mentioned above. And per RtM's blog, the reminders can repeat. Can be a nice workaround in the meantime, I guess? Or are there limitations that I haven't found yet? Second: Limitations that I've found in two minutes after making the last edit. The integration between RtM and Evernote is based on the Evernote's Webhooks feature. That feature does not allow integration with Shared notebooks and Evernote for Business at this time. Third: One more issue I've found. The sync between RtM apps to Rtm servers is limited to once every 24 hours. However the sync between Evernote goes directly to RtM and back... and there doesn't seem to be a limit on THAT sync method. However, I would prefer to work with the RtM app in my tablet rather than just rely on RtM web app for my reminder management needs. Conclusion: Using RtM will enable repeat reminders and other task management tools. However, for full functionality across all platforms at Evernote's level (along with location based reminders), you'll be paying $25 a year. So yeah, consider this my fully researched +1 for a repeat reminder baked into Evernote itself. RtM is very powerful, and very nice. However, I would prefer it to sync to my tablet more than once every 24 hours. I could work around this using the web app, but I'd like to be able to make changes into RtM itself whenver I need to do so.
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