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  1. Here's a workaround that allows you to highlight in Evernote! The solution is a bit kludgy (but easy), and it's better than nothing until Evernote releases the full-highlighting capabilities that we all want. http://metadata.mx/highlighting-evernote/ Hope this helps. Cheers! tomz -- AWESOME! Have tested this and it was so easy. Thank you so much for posting this work-around!
  2. Please search the board on the topic. This has been discussed a lot. In a nutshell. EN does not publish their roadmap or ETAs & it's probably going to be on all clients eventually. Well aware it's been discussed and have read many of the discussions, just didn't see anything recent from a mac user and wanted to add my voice to those requesting that highlighting be supported.
  3. I'm a Mac Premium user and have had Evernote for a couple of years now, but have only recently become a huge fan. Love the application, but the lack of being able to highlight text within a note limits my ability to use Evernote as fully functional note taking app. Before I invest more time in loving this app -- can someone tell me if this is even on the table as a future (short-term) update?
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