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  1. I have the same problem/change with Ctrl-Shift-V, Paste and Match Style There changed when I upgraded to Windows Desktop version (305825) Public (CE Build ce-1.28.2184). Previously I could copy from a Webpage, Jira text, Word, etc..., and use Paste and Match Style and get just the text without any formatting Paste (Ctrl-V) would attempt to replicate the source text format Paste and Match Style (Ctrl-Shift-V) would paste text only - which is both expected and preferred for this option IMHO. Now they both seem to behave the same. Per Help => Release Notes Release Notes for Windows version 6.7 Fixes and Improvements Fixed paste + match style behavior where not all content was being pasted as expected Notice I used that same keystroke Ctrl-Shift-V to paste that text above into my Windows Chrome browser. -Andy
  2. The PC version allows to sort by tag. This is very helpful if using the GTD (Get Things Done / thesecretweapon.org) to prioritize tasks. The Android client has View Options of Sort by create date, update date, title, city, county and notebook. My request is to add Tag. I am keying an identical request for the web/Chrome client. Thank you, AndyP
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