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  1. hi, I have a question, did you solve the direct scan to evernote account problem?

    I just bought a doxie go wifi, and ordered an eye-fi, hope this will work, if not, can you suggest me how to handle

    this issue. I need a scanner which will be at home without anything scan and send the result to my evernote.

    My parents are home and I always busy so want to get my mails and other important papers immediately.

    you mentioned about Fujitsu scanners, which one works in this flow any ideas?

    thnak you in advance,


  2. Rube Goldberg? Maybe the new workflow, which is lame. I fail to see how Scan directly into Evernote is complicated. Email to Evernote won't work here anyhow cause Eye-Findoes not support email.
  3. So the old workflow was extremely simple. The Ey-Fi Card would automatically send the scans directly to my evernote account. Co Computer needed. Scan and 30 seconds later - boom its in my default account and available on mobile. Eye-Fi does NOT have dropbox support. Maybe the new Mobie card does, but only if you pay a monthly subscription fee. I can set up the Eye-Fi card to scan to my home server, aim the dowload folder at dropbox, Set IFTTT to send to evernote, but that can take as long as 15 min depending on TFTTT Trigger time. Not the end of the world, but when your used to 30 second response time and you have to wait 15 minutes, thats not really all that cool. As I stated earlier, I setup a second user on the server, pointed the scanner at that and created a "Folder Action" script to send the scans to Evernote. That works and Ill I have to wait for is the Server to pull the photo down (~1 min) and then for Evernote to Auto-Sync (Set to 5 min). So that makes this process 1-6 min depending on when during the Evernote Auto-Synce cycle the scan shows up. This is still a drag, but it is acceptable. I would buy the Doxie Wi-Fi but they don't support Evernote directly either. The Scan Snap does. Eventually I will cross grade to that model. MH
  4. The way the old card and the scan snap scanner work skips that whole computer step altogether and sends directly from the scanner to Evernote. That's the workflow I really need. I know having a direct to Evernote folder on the computer is easy, but it's really a pain when I want to go directly from scanner to Evernote on my iPad and my computer is, turned off and in another state .
  5. Yea you took advantage of the discount pricing. For automatic upload directly to Evernote with the new wi-fi model you have to subscribe to thier new cloud service. It has a monthly service charge. Doxie wifi regular price is $229.00
  6. Sure I did consider the Wi-fi model but to retain my workflow I would have to subscribe to yet AONTHER could service. $229+monthly service charge is pretty steep to retain a workflow that was formerly $179 flat and was advertised to me on the Evernote homepage, before they ditched Doxie for ScanSnap. I was actually able to Cludge somthing together using multiple users on my Mac mini that stays on all the time at home to see multiple eye-fi cards and the "folder action" workflow gazumped described above that is currently working. Thanks for the help all.
  7. Ok but in reading that article again from your post I see that the ScanSnap scanners do exactly what the Doxie + Eye-fi combo use to do. Ima going to call them tomorrow and probably order one of their mobile scanners. Thanks! Should solve the problem. Doxie bout to hit the good Ebay! lol
  8. Unfortunately no. This workflow requires a Mac to be on and online for the Doxie and/or Eye-Fi to communicate with and then the mac sends to evernote. The old workflow went straight from the cloud to Evernote. This is optimal. Before you say Im just being resistant to change, I want you to understand that if I COULD make that workflow work, I would. We have a Mac mini setup as a server at the house that would be suitable for this process but the problem is the Eye-Fi Card inside our digital camera is already syncing to that mac and as of now Ive not found a way to sync multiple cards to a single mac. I will continue to try this but so far no dice. Right now lets say the card is Syncing to my laptop and I'm on the road I wouldn't be able to get the scans until I get that laptop on wifi. I don't always travel with my laptop.
  9. Well the DOXIE works just fine, but the Eye-Fi card that used to send the scans directly to every note w/o needing to hook up to a computer no longer supports evernote. So what was a simple scan and show up in evernote workflow is now, scan, download to laptop, export to desktop, import to Evernote workflow and thats no good. For example - I could be in LA and a document could show up in the Mail in Chicago. My wife could just toss it thru the Doxie and wirelessly it would be in my evernote ready for annotation in less than a minute. This is no longer possible - Mine, and others on this forum, stopped sending to EN 1 month ago. Matt
  10. So now that the dust has settled on the loss of eye-fi/Evernote support I'm left with a terrible gap in my life. I used the Doxie to scan contracts and the mark up and sign them in Evernote. This was perfect as then all my contracts were all in Evernote and could be modified on the road VERY easily. I know there are some cludgy ways to get this running again using flicker and Picassa accounts but is that safe to be uploading contracts to? It doesn't feel so secure to me. Does anyone here have any ideas? Thanks in advance Matt Hennessy
  11. I emailed Doxie as well and they said "you shouldn't have been skipping the Doxie software as you will miss out on great features like OCR and contrast enhance." Fail
  12. But the dropbox IFFTT workflow isn't the same at all. Right now with my computer off I can scan on the Doxie and it will show up on my Evernote on my phone. That's awesome This way, it sounds to me, you have to have the computer pull down the folder, dropbox it, and the the rest happens. That sucks. This weekend I'm going to try and experiment with a Picasa album and see if I can get that to work. I wish I was better at IFTTT.
  13. So does anyone have any idea what to do here? Direct scan from Doxie is a very essential part of my business workflow. I know there is the big scanner but I don't have the space for that. It has to be portable as well. Any help here is appreciated.
  14. What The Heck. WHY would the do this. This just completely deaded a very important workflow for me. UGH.
  15. Hey all. So I'm just trying to clarify the correct workflow here. If I have a PDF in evernote (ipad) , lets say a document that I need to add a signature or some typed data, I hit edit in skitch and it opens in skitch. I mark up the pdf how I see fit then hit save. Then the marked up version is resaved in Evernote in the selected notebooks in the "I" pane. The inconsistency I'm experiencing is that sometimes it saves a skitch summery into the marked pdf and other times it does not. I would like it if it did not. I would prefer just marked PDF to appear in a new note. What is the behavior supposed to be and can I turn off the summery? Thanks Matt
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