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  1. hi, I have a question, did you solve the direct scan to evernote account problem?

    I just bought a doxie go wifi, and ordered an eye-fi, hope this will work, if not, can you suggest me how to handle

    this issue. I need a scanner which will be at home without anything scan and send the result to my evernote.

    My parents are home and I always busy so want to get my mails and other important papers immediately.

    you mentioned about Fujitsu scanners, which one works in this flow any ideas?

    thnak you in advance,


  2. I emailed Doxie as well and they said "you shouldn't have been skipping the Doxie software as you will miss out on great features like OCR and contrast enhance." Fail
  3. But the dropbox IFFTT workflow isn't the same at all. Right now with my computer off I can scan on the Doxie and it will show up on my Evernote on my phone. That's awesome This way, it sounds to me, you have to have the computer pull down the folder, dropbox it, and the the rest happens. That sucks. This weekend I'm going to try and experiment with a Picasa album and see if I can get that to work. I wish I was better at IFTTT.
  4. So does anyone have any idea what to do here? Direct scan from Doxie is a very essential part of my business workflow. I know there is the big scanner but I don't have the space for that. It has to be portable as well. Any help here is appreciated.
  5. What The Heck. WHY would the do this. This just completely deaded a very important workflow for me. UGH.
  6. Hey all. So I'm just trying to clarify the correct workflow here. If I have a PDF in evernote (ipad) , lets say a document that I need to add a signature or some typed data, I hit edit in skitch and it opens in skitch. I mark up the pdf how I see fit then hit save. Then the marked up version is resaved in Evernote in the selected notebooks in the "I" pane. The inconsistency I'm experiencing is that sometimes it saves a skitch summery into the marked pdf and other times it does not. I would like it if it did not. I would prefer just marked PDF to appear in a new note. What is the behavior supposed to be and can I turn off the summery? Thanks Matt
  7. Thanks for the update! This was a big fix for me!!
  8. Thanks for getting back to me Joe. Glad to hear its on your radar. Definitely important. Not so pro looking when your trying to sign an important deal memo on the road that the summary page gets added to the PDF. Appreciate it. Matt
  9. Hey guys, Just a quick question here for ya. So if I open a PDF in skitch and, lets say, sign a contract and need to send it back out, Skitch adds a page to the top of the PDF showing that I have annotated it in skitch. Why? This is a bummer as now the next person down the line has to delete that page every time. Or I have to open the PDF in another program and delete it before I can send it out. Is there any way to disable of turn off that feature? Id like to be able to send professional contracts back without that annotation page... Thanks guys Matt
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