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  1. At first, I know the "Create internal link" command. The link created will link to the Evernote cloud.

    As I live in Germany there are a lot of places where I have no or a very poor connection to the Internet. Therefor most of my notebooks are for offline reading.

    I am looking for a way to link to a note in one of these notebooks to be used in other apps like Word, Excel or others.

    Something like:



    Thank you


  2. When I import german Webpages to evernote, the german character with treme are not shown correctly.

    For example in Firefox I see

    Pfälzer Mühlenland

    in Evernote I see

    when I copy the text with ctrl C

    it will be correct

    Pfälzer Mühlenland


    Is there a solution?

    When I search for Mühlenland there are no notes found, when I search für M?hlenland the notes will be shown



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  3. With the New Look after the last update in the lost of Notebooks first are mentioned the books recently established.

    This is not quite correct, there are the notebooks were have been added new notes.

    But how can I hide this list of Recently established notebooks?


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