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  1. Ok, I've read a bit of the threat without being moved a little bit, so I will plainly put on some solutions that might (not) work for EN (be aware that I don't use EN as whole, just Clearly). Make a library: Yeah, just make the back end as an library and build over that for each and every platform. That's what extensions/addons do for browsers, so let's think a bit about it. Don't try to make many things half-asset and just do the necessary right: Ok, we want to sell features, but it's better a tool that lacks some shady features that only find place in some niches while the gross of your users have to come up with a lot of problems about the basic main functionality? The users can give solutions too! I know all developers hate the "client from hell", but some of them have nice ideas and approaches to problems that anyone couldn't think of. Also, encourage users to report errors, give feedback, test upcoming releases (you have beta releases, no?) and suggest actual code work. I will update this list later. Not that I lack ideas but just none came into my deprived of sleep mind now. Also anyone can add some ideas too, since where there is a problem there's also a solution, no?
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