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  1. You are all quite right, and it's not a big deal. It's just that with all other pinned programs (Word, Thunderbird, you name it), it doesn't happen, and I prefere it that way, and to be able to handle all programs in the same way…
  2. In Windows 7, I have EN fixed to the task line. When opening the program, another EN icon appears beside the fixed program icons. That is esthetically disturbing, and does not follow the Wondows 7 conventions. Most programs in Windows 7 only have one icon in the task line, and that icon is being highlighted when one opens the program. Rune.
  3. Metrodon is very right in this: I want my mac apps to look and behave Macish, my Windows apps to look and behave Windowish. Within the limits of that premise, LMichael has got a good point.
  4. I mostly use MacBook Pro, Mavericks, and a Windows 7 laptop. I thought ALL clients had the sort feature you mention? I'm simply talking about a handy little shortcut, a little list on the left of the EN window, only available on my Mac, I think (View⟶Sidebar options⟶Recent notes). It lists the five last modified notes, and I use it, and I like it. But, as mentioned, it only lists the five notes modified most lastly on my mac; notes edited on other clients are not there. Not a big deal, probably, but I like the feature because it lets me order my notes in other ways and still have access to my most recent things.
  5. I'm talking talking about the sidebar shortcut «recent notes». I edit notes on one unit, and then I continue on another. At that point, I'd like to have the notes I edited lastly in the sidebar shortcut, no matter if the editing took place on another unit or not. (English is not my language, so do not hesitate if I don't manage to make myself clear!)
  6. Syncing the content of "recent notes" would be a good thing, I think, in order to really get that fealing of simply continuing your work exactly where you left it on another unit.
  7. Skitch has a lot of nice, built-in keyboard shortcuts. It'd be nice to have these when marking up/annotating from Evernote, too! Just a suggestion, to save me the extra work of creating all these through the OS.
  8. Oh, how I long for the day when Skitch is as seamlessly integrated into EN on Mac as it is in Windows… Today, for example, I used Clearly (Firefox) and imported an interesting article. How I'd like to draw just some arrows into it before sharing! I thought of a possible solution, waiting for the real integration: What if I could, easily, export from EN to Skitch (and then back again)? (For the time being, it seems like OneNote's combination of writing and drawing is unsurpassed. But then, who wants to be forced into the Office Pack for every note you take?) r.
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