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  1. I share your frustration. Surely this issue could easily be resolved by allocating a 2nd email address to send emails direct to the business Evernote account.
  2. Would it be possible to get a 2nd email address to use to send emails directly to my Evernote Business account? I know i can add @BusinessInbox to the end of the subject line but I am often BCC'ing to my EN email address so don't want to do that. Any work-arounds or plans to fix this?
  3. I start the majority of my notes as a photo using the Android Widget button. i can't find a way to choose a Business notebook to save them in then spend hours moving them across. Also the Android app Saved Searches only apply to Personal Notebooks. If I disconnected my Personal account would that 'force' the Business Account to be the 'main' or only one so hoping new notes would have to save into Business??? And hoping the Android app would then be useable again?? Any help is appreciated, I love my EN but really frustrated i can't use it properly. Thanks, Ian
  4. Thanks Phil. Its so frustrating that notes get saved to Personal and wonder why i cant find them if i forget to look there. Then it takes ages to move them. I cant find setting in widgets to save new notes/photos to a Business notebook. And my greatest frustration is the widgets not working (saved searches) because they only look in Personal notebooks. Please help. Thanks
  5. Please Evernote developers, do whatever is necessary to remove the confusion w Personal vs Business Notebooks. Why can't we nominate our primary account (Pers or bus) as a temp solution maybe. Can someone advise the last version number before EN went down this track of splitting accounts and where to find it - I would rather go back 6mths and wait till this mess is sorted... Does anyone know if it is possible to disconnect my Personal account and just use them seperately till the mess is sorted? Please developers, I love love love my EN but getting so frustrated.
  6. Thanks phils. Yes, windows sorry. So I wasn't missing anything obvious. Strange they don't give a Move option but easy enough to delete while note or notes are highlighted I guess. Thanks again, Ian
  7. I must be missing something pretty obvious... Using beta ver 6.0.3 and I can't seem to find a way to move single (or multiple) notes from a Personal Notebook to a Business Notebook. What have I missed? Help appreciated. Regards, Ian
  8. Has there been any reply or indication from EN re addressing this issue? How can so many people request something so (seemingly) simple without some sort of acknowledgement? It's really frustrating.
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