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  1. Thanks to both of you. I was looking for something of an added feature. To make a list from scratch is too much time consuming. I want to Import the list that I already have which is significantly large. Hope good guys at Evernote give it a serious thought.
  2. I love everything that Evernote does. Can't complain. Only I wish it had "rolodex" feature. Just like a Contact list or Business Card list. Importing contact list from Google or Hotmail or Palm desktop would be fantastic.
  3. Oh no!! NO Calendar? That's disappointing! I think "Calendar" is an obvious part of any "note" taking, isn't it? Why they are so baby-stepping to this "must have" additon? I just wonder. Unfortuantely, I still have to stick to Palm calendar, I suppose.
  4. An addition of "Calendar" would be wonderful. I've been using Palm desktop for many many years. As they are becoming obsolete, I'm jumping the ship and already in love of Evernote. Its Sync feature makes it a great app. However, sadly Calendar is missing. A calendar that I can use as a daily journal as well as reminder etc. would be fantastic. As "Gazumped" stated above, Evernote please surprise me. Any idea, when they'll add this? Can't wait.
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