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  1. Hi everyone. I posted a while ago regarding a searching by tag issue I had encountered in Evernote Business and was very pleased with the helpful response I received, so thanks again and I have come back! This is a much more general topic - please excuse me in some parts, I am not overly techie! So, a bit of background: I work for a medium sized business with a sizeable picture library (I'm talking 20,000 pictures at a guess). We currently store all our pictures as jpeg files on Windows, in a structured folder system. This works well if you know exactly what picture you are after and where it is stored, but less well/terribly if you don't as there is no way to search. The result is a very inefficient, time-consuming trawl through the picture library to locate the file. We have recently begun trialling Evernote as a Digital Asset Management system to hopefully enable us to store our pictures in notes and tag them appropriately so they are easy to locate. We have uploaded a small portion (500 pictures) and assigned relevant tags and we are very happy with how much easier Evernote makes the searching process. Pictures would be uploaded in one central business library by the administrator (myself) and then shared out to around 50 users who can then search and use the pictures. However, we have come across some potential issues, and I would like to get some second opinions on whether or not Evernote is the right programme for us to use before I upload thousands of images. Please note that for the most part I am after opinions and understand that definite answers may not be possible until we actually put it into practice - I know this Our first problem is with stacks. I was keen to arrange pictures in stacks that resembled the current folder system we have, with the tags providing a secondary, more powerful search function. After trialling it myself and reading this forum, though, I know that stacks can only go one stack deep and then cannot be shared to other users. Have people found this too limiting? Will one notebook with 20,000 separate notes in cause us problems - will it be slow to load or sync, and do you think 20,000 pictures in one library would be difficult to navigate? Secondly, as images are uploaded into Evernote, we insert them in to the note and then when we wish to use them, we seem to have to save them back as a file on to the computer itself to then use it how we wish. Do you think this is an impractical use of Evernote, and in this sense is it more suited for personal photo storage rather than corporate use? I am concerned that staff will get fed up of re-saving their most used photos on to their desktop and will just keep them there, bypassing the Evernote system. Thirdly, have people encountered problems with employees being able to alter notebook names on their own account? Has anyone else used Evernote similarly, as a Digital Asset Management system? What were your experiences/thoughts? Apologies for some of the poor explanations, please ask if anything needs clarifying. Thanks very much!! Sarah.
  2. Thanks everyone, I think that's what has happened - I was just searching in the search bar because I wanted to search both tags and descriptions (as some photos have a short description above them). But if I search tag:gate then it only comes up with results of photos which actually contain a gate. But then I guess that means my searches are limited to just tags if I want to be sure the search won't return any incorrect results? Thanks
  3. Hi, We are using Evernote as a photo filing system and tagging photos so staff can easily search through our library. However, when I search for some tags, for example "gate", although the search does show up all the photos tagged as "gate" as expected, it also shows up a photo not tagged as "gate". This note also does not have "gate" written anywhere in the title or in the note itself, so I do not understand why this is happening. Can anyone shed some light as to what might be going on? Thanks.
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