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  1. Seems every other tool has other drawbacks, been working on this for a bit. Really ridiculous that there's not something that has off-line, easy editing, and true multi-platform support, especially where all I need are text and images, with an ability to drag and drop images in. The closest seems to be OneNote but version issues exist. Springpad comes somewhat close but clunky and, even with the rich API, still not quite there off-line on mobile devices. So I guess I'll go through all my 380 Evernote notes and un-indent and replace with tabs just so they work on the Android platform. I wish I'd known of these bugs/feature limitations before I lost considerable note-taking opportunity and some content last weekend. As usual, almost no company seems to really care about their users. It's absurd that Evernote can't AT LEAST put a warning when one indents on the desktop client or such. Scads of notes from users on this site attest there are a rather serious set of glitches for users. I'l have to see if I really need premium capabilities, although I don't want to risk limitations at a bad time, so probably will maintain it simply to hedge against such risks.
  2. Given it's been some time and this issue remains re indentation, and it's quite difficult to navigate, I'm afraid I'm going to just give up on Evernote. It wouldn't be so much of an issue if they consistently didn't allow indenting to function (even at all) in either the desktop or tablet/app version, but as one platform essentially promotes/encourages indenting as it's an easily accessed menu function but the other is essentially punitive once one does so, it's a real issue. So I'm giving up and looking for another product. And, yes, I'm a premium/paying customer. Just feedback for Evernote.
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