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  1. LOL, I agree completely. As I could see this with a free service, I feel sorry for those of you who paid for the service and are treated this way. I have moved to Google Drive completely and do not use Evernote any more. At least there I can print my notes.
  2. I have no problem with you testing a new web platform. But it lacks features, especially important ones on a note applicarion like the print button, then that is the alpha test, not the beta test. When people see beta, it is pretty close to the finished product. This error wasted a lot of peoples time.
  3. In your browser? The desktop application? The Touch application? 1) You don't know that for sure; that's why we ask. 2) The web beta is known to be not feature complete. Revert to the released version, and you'll be all better. YOu call it a beta but it lacks features?? WTF is that? When are you going to test these lacking features? in the Gamma? Nothing but excuses.
  4. How do you switch back to the old editor? Either that or I ditch Evernote and use Google Drive exclusively.
  5. He is referring to the web platform. How the heck do you print your notes? Major FU!
  6. I had to quit using the desktop client because I got a few of these. I got tired of having to remember to press the sync button after every change of a note. I now use the web client only unless i have to alter a encrypted note which the web client will not allow me to enter the password. Evernote is showing it's age.
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