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  1. Yeah, I just leave EN in that view on my phone so that I can quickly access it.
  2. That is a workaround at best. I have thousands of tags already and don't want to fish around for my "favorites" tag. I already utilize using "!" or "." in front of my tags to prioritize them to the top of the list and even that grouping is getting bigger than I'd like. Instead of a workaround, why can't I have a quick, one-tap/click favorites?
  3. There really shouldn't be separate feature sets per app unless for example, it is a feature that could only be reasonably done on a desktop version vs mobile. Why can't I mark something as a favorite in one app on one device and have it sync'd over to any other EN app regardless of platform?
  4. I don't understand the correlation. Even with offline notebooks, I would still need to mark certain entries as a favorite, which I still do...only on my iPhone.
  5. Why in the world would you have favorites on the EN iPhone app but not have favorites for iPad or Mac? Intentional product fragmentation?
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