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  1. I am so unbelievably frustrated with Evernote right now. The biggest issue is them taking email support away from general users. To me that is cowardly and just bad business. Unless I get a response from Evernote directly, I will ensure that I never spend another cent on any Evernote products nor any of my friends and family do. You don't take the support option away especially when you put out a sub-par project. Sorry Evernote, right now there are banks that I like better than your company.


    On to my issue. I just updated to the new version of penultimate this week and used it for the first time in my master's program class tonight. Aside from the normal hiccups of figuring out how to switch pages, there are a whole host of functionality problems that I will gladly list off here:


    1. The biggest one. I have been using penultimate for my class since the start of the semester. All my notes were taken in horizontal mode because I had an attached keyboard. With the new update, all of my old notes that I took this year are rotated 90 degrees. Do you know how hard it will be to study my old notes for my finals in the next two weeks when the notes are rotated? You have essentially ruined my ability to study for my class. You already lost one class of notes from me because penultimate did not sync appropriately and now you decide to try to ruin my semester fully. I took a risk to try and use Evernote and Penultimate this semester and now I am paying the price. 


    2. When I try and lock the rotation using the iOS commands while in the app, it puts a mark in the note that I am in. There is no way to open the iOS menus by pulling down the top or bottom of the screen without making a mark in the note you are working on. That is beyond me. You are making an iPad app that does not work with iPad functionality? Did you use trained monkeys to program your update?


    I need a way to rotate my old notes 90 degrees in the next two weeks. Simple as that. The rest of the problems are frustrating but I can deal with. I need to study my notes for finals and I will not let your poor excuse for a company jeopardize my grade this semester. I need someone from your organization to contact me as soon as possible to get this resolved. Maybe in the future you should beta test your updates so you don't start a firestorm like this has. Oh and bring back email support.


    I just realized that I have a previous support ticket open from when penultimate lost my note. I already feel sorry for the poor tech who has to deal with my next response on that ticket.

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