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  1. Sure. I'm using Evernote for a lab notebook, where I have to insert a lot of pictures (as you point out, they're better than words). I prefer to save and insert them as PDFs so I can annotate reversibly using Preview. (If I annotate jpgs or pngs, the annotations become a permanent part of the image) This is what a sample section should look like: The pictures are interspersed with paragraphs, providing context for each sentence. But when I open this same file on my home computer, it looks like this: The pictures have blown up to fill the entire screen, so I can't see an entire thought or even skip back a single sentence without scrolling. Generally when Evernote imports a PDF image, it looks like the second screenshot above, so I right click and zoom out on the PDF until the image size is more manageable, as in the first screenshot above. Unfortunately, this size adjustment does not carry across devices.
  2. In many of my notes, I include inline images that are critical for the context of the note. Sometimes the images are in PDF format. Evernote usually imports them in a humongous "fit-to-size" mode, which I shrink down to make the note readable by right-clicking and zooming out. The problem is that the resizing of inline PDFs does not sync across my devices. I am currently accessing a note created on my work computer (Mac) from my home computer (also Mac), and it is completely unreadable because every PDF image has blown itself up to take up the entire screen. This means I can't work from a different device, because I can't read my notes. As a side note, this also happened once when I upgraded to a new version of Evernote, and I lost an entire day of work just trying to make my notes readable again.
  3. Ah hah, always check for updates first. I was in 6.10, just checked for updates, and release notes for 6.11 mention "Clicking on an attachment sometimes caused the note to scroll up, making it hard to open attachments". Works now after updating. Thanks Indy
  4. If I click on a PDF image embedded in a note, the window jumps to the top of the note, so I have to scroll all the way back down
  5. Thanks, but the issue was not a bug in 5.6.2, it was a bug in the upgrade process itself. The database rebuild lost my inline PDF zoom information. Going up again to 5.7 didn't bring it back. Also, in 5.6.2 and later, every inline PDF seems to take up an entire line no matter what its zoom scale, so I can't have 2 images on the same line, or even text and an image on the same line.
  6. Untitled 2.tiffThe 5.6.2 update of Evernote for Mac said it was going to rebuild my database (or something to that effect), and after I allowed it to do so, all of my inline PDF images were resized to become humongous. I have many notes where there is an image every few lines, and this makes it very painful to read through the notes. When I insert them, I usually have to "zoom out" several times to make them a reasonable size. My notes are now much less useful, and manually re-shrinking all these inline PDF images will take forever. On the plus side, the update does seem quicker and more responsive so far, but please avoid doing this in future releases!
  7. In this case, in a rare move (that I suspect might not be repeated again) they floated an idea long before they had decided to implement it in a beta, and they solicited feedback. It wasn't a poll, but it was an opportunity. They listen, so it is worth it taking advantage of it.Most people are here because we are consumers of a tool, not fanboys of app celebrities. We don't have time to constantly monitor and post on 50 program forums. You are clearly quite devoted to Evernote, and quite an expert. For the vast majority of Evernote users, however, we just want a useful tool, and we will be quick to find replacements if our tool is broken. Don't blame the customer. Incidentally, Microsoft just pulled a similar move in forcing an unwanted UI change on consumers, and they have since backtracked. Lesson here? Evernote developers: I appreciate all that you do and that you are only trying to make as good a product as possible. You have overwhelmingly succeeded, but clearly you have made a mistake here. Which is fine, we all make mistakes, the key is to learn from them. Could we please get some feedback though on whether/when you plan to fix it?
  8. Adding to the resounding chorus: Please bring back horizontal view. The heart and soul, or killer app, if you will, of Evernote is (was) easy, intuitive organization. With the horizontal view, I got that. With the vertical view, I don't. Yes, I can sort by date or notebook or whatever in vertical view, but this requires extra clicks that get in the way of my workflow and distract my train of thought. The nice, clean, compact screen of Evernote was another great feature, but now I have to stretch it out across my whole monitor to fit in the sidebar, vertical view, and enough note space to be useful. Horizontal view is also much more visually appealing and intuitive; it showed notebook hierarchies and relationships. Re: Reminders, I don't see why they couldn't be integrated into horizontal view. Maybe put them into the toolbar or sidebar. Also, IMHO Reminders aren't of much use without the ability to specify what it is they're reminding me of. All I can see how to do is associate a Reminder with a Notebook, but no way to put add any additional information. I realize consumers tend to be quick with wrath and slow with praise, so I'll also (ever)note that this is in general a great product. Please restore it to its former glory!
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