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  1. I submitted a ticket. I'm aware from previous experience that there will be no data recovery, but I do EN (well, other users) the courtesy of logging it so they can't say they didn't know it was an issue because their test bed didn't turn it up. Got a follow-up request. Replied immediately. No response. So, yeah....
  2. Same issue here. Legacy version on Mac is now apparently as unstable as the iOS mess. When my Mac upgraded to the new release, multiple fails were immediately obvious --> I rolled back to Legacy. Looks pretty bad but has been functioning reliably on the laptop ... until today. I worked all afternoon in a note (previously saved and synced multiples times in the morning). Left my laptop open at 4PM. Came back at 7PM, caught a glimpse of all my text before it erased itself in front of my eyes. A couple hours of work gone. Checked the server: nope. And I didn't touch the note on my phone in the gap, so there's no way it's a sync conflict. No explanation. Evernote just....deleted it. Rolled back to a version from 11AM...while synching? Which it didn't do for several hours despite the laptop being on and the program open??? FFS. Why use a data app that erases data?? Insult to injury: the "versioning" that used to create versions of notes multiple times/day and used to be a partial fallback in the old days when this behavior was more common? At some point last year, EN cut back from saving maybe 12 versions/day to 3-4 across an entire day ---> completely useless feature in situations like this. (Case in point: the versioning feature saved four versions of today's lost note, three of them in the morning when I made minimal changes. It saved ZERO versions between noon and 7PM when I quadrupled the size of the note. Well done, Evernote!) Getting so close to done with this trash behavior. Good for Evernote for finally realizing their platforming was unsustainable, but who goes about a massive upgrade by undermining the entire raison d'etre for the entire company - the CORE FUNCTIONS of saving and syncing data? I guess the idea is they'll just build an entirely new user base on the new platform, having alienated everyone who's stuck with them for 10+ years? Helluva marketing plan to go with a half-assed rollout....
  3. Same exact problem. This is some old-school core-function QA fail bullshit that used to happen 7 years ago. How was this not tested before releasing a prettified update?? THIS is why Evernote is losing customers and market share. If a UI update brings down basic synching functions, I don't even know where to start explaining how not OK and not sustainable EN's priorities are. This instability basically makes ios Evernote unusable until a fix is released. Why would i create any notes on my phone knowing they can disappear because of a randomly occurring synch fail over which I have no control??
  4. In an update last year, I lost about 1" of screen space (top list view) to the giant font headline advertising the notebook title and note count (+ a ton of empty space) I'm in. Super annoying. Then today, without having run an update in three weeks, all of a sudden I lost another 1/2" of space to - again, giant font (I'm not blind...) - "tabs" to toggle between NOTES and REMINDERS below the previous waste of header space. I want to remove or at least adjust down the loss of screen space these two headers take up so I can see more of the note I'm working in or more of the list of notes I'm using. Help? (Sidebar: I don't even use reminders, so losing yet more real estate to the "opportunity" to tab to a feature I never use + not giving me the option to edit that now-1.5" header is absurd.)
  5. Talking directly to Evernote here: First, you have a problem on your hands. Second, your response is inadequate as it has been on previous issues you've had with shoddily tested releases (one of which I personally know you had to roll back). So a.) a big mea culpa "we didn't test this properly" is in order - instead of, "the onus is on you, our customers, to prove the problem and fix it yourselves" + very little follow up communication on threads like these where customers are leaving, and b.) get a real Q&A team or test bed or whatever is missing that this, um, "stuff" keeps happening and alienating your paying customers. (I'm still waiting on the fix for all the basic formatting you broke with your last desktop release btw. Man.)
  6. There is no trick to replicating this bug - I think everyone on this thread agrees that it happens every time you try to do anything in the app on an iPhone (or iPad in some cases). I worked in QA, so I'm familiar with your needs re: reporting a bug, but the onus here is not on us users: it's a persistent behavior across iOS on many devices that happens every time we use the app. Period. No special steps. I click the Evernote icon, there is a 10-second lag. I close the app and re-open it. 10-second lag. I try to type in the open app: 10-second lag. You get the idea.
  7. MASSIVELY slow, to the point that I've gone back to making notes longhand when there's any urgency. And it happens every single time I click back into the app, not just opening a new note. There's a minimum of a 10-second delay every time I return to the app. Just nothing - no movement, no cursor, no response to typing. Does Evernote bother to test these big release's performance at all before they send it out?
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