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  1. In an update last year, I lost about 1" of screen space (top list view) to the giant font headline advertising the notebook title and note count (+ a ton of empty space) I'm in. Super annoying. Then today, without having run an update in three weeks, all of a sudden I lost another 1/2" of space to - again, giant font (I'm not blind...) - "tabs" to toggle between NOTES and REMINDERS below the previous waste of header space. I want to remove or at least adjust down the loss of screen space these two headers take up so I can see more of the note I'm working in or more of the list of notes I'm using. Help? (Sidebar: I don't even use reminders, so losing yet more real estate to the "opportunity" to tab to a feature I never use + not giving me the option to edit that now-1.5" header is absurd.)
  2. Talking directly to Evernote here: First, you have a problem on your hands. Second, your response is inadequate as it has been on previous issues you've had with shoddily tested releases (one of which I personally know you had to roll back). So a.) a big mea culpa "we didn't test this properly" is in order - instead of, "the onus is on you, our customers, to prove the problem and fix it yourselves" + very little follow up communication on threads like these where customers are leaving, and b.) get a real Q&A team or test bed or whatever is missing that this, um, "stuff" keeps happening and alienating your paying customers. (I'm still waiting on the fix for all the basic formatting you broke with your last desktop release btw. Man.)
  3. There is no trick to replicating this bug - I think everyone on this thread agrees that it happens every time you try to do anything in the app on an iPhone (or iPad in some cases). I worked in QA, so I'm familiar with your needs re: reporting a bug, but the onus here is not on us users: it's a persistent behavior across iOS on many devices that happens every time we use the app. Period. No special steps. I click the Evernote icon, there is a 10-second lag. I close the app and re-open it. 10-second lag. I try to type in the open app: 10-second lag. You get the idea.
  4. MASSIVELY slow, to the point that I've gone back to making notes longhand when there's any urgency. And it happens every single time I click back into the app, not just opening a new note. There's a minimum of a 10-second delay every time I return to the app. Just nothing - no movement, no cursor, no response to typing. Does Evernote bother to test these big release's performance at all before they send it out?
  5. I'm having the same issue, iPhone only. It happened a ton just after the upgrade, the went away and now comes back intermittently. Super irritating and distracting and making me not want to open the app to take notes since I can't count on it working properly. Boo!
  6. Thanks, guys! Was just about to spend a few hours backing up and rolling back to get my horizontal list view back, so the release's timing couldn't have been better. Way to turn around a solution. (Wish I'd known to stop worrying and that you were on the case, but done = good. Thanks tons.)
  7. Can someone point me in the direction of how to downgrade back to 5.0.7 so I can get my horizontal view back???
  8. "Hi guys, thanks for the feedback! As GM said, we did post awhile ago asking about any Horizontal List View fans and were expecting a backlash when we made the decision to remove Horizontal List View as a view option. If you guys haven't heard yet, this morning we released a major new feature (#1 user request) of Reminders (http://blog.evernote...-ios-and-web-2/) and in doing so, had to make a difficult UI/design choice of taking Horizontal List View out in designing the appearance and function of Reminders. We had many users requesting a Vertical List View and it fit in well with our overall new Reminders UI. Would you guys have preferred to keep Horizontal List View over Reminders or vice versa? If so, why or why not?" The loss of real estate for those of us using Evernote for *gasp* NOTES (and not reminders and other bells and whistles) is huge. I've only been stuck in this mess for a day since I upgraded and I'm already considering dropping Evernote if horizontal view doesn't come back. It's a deal breaker for me: I can't write an entire sentence in a single line anymore and God forbid I need to see Date Created AND Date Modified at the same time. I second the opinion that Reminders, while I'm sure it was much requested, should in no way interfere with Evernote's core product offering of note taking. That's Business 101 or Pete's sake. Use one of the 1000 other programs out there for your reminders! I also second the comment that making major UI decisions based on a poll posted on a user forum (where most users only go when they have a problem), strikes me as naive. As someone who has worked on major e-comm sites for more than a dozen years, this is not how you make significant UI changes. And, btw, it's not an "upgrade" if you swap in one completely unrelated feature for a long-used and functioning core one. Seriously annoyed...
  9. This morning's Evernote upgrade seems to have made a major shift in how the sidebars/top list view is displayed and it's already driving me nuts. The standard sidebar is still on the left (shortcuts, recent, etc.) but now the notes in the notebook in which I'm working are appearing also on the left in a vertical stack vs. at the top of the screen in a list. I use the list view A LOT - w/ date created, date modified, etc. above the note in which I'm working. Having it on the left is a huge waste of space for me, both in being able to write and view longer lines while I'm writing and editing in the lower pane, and, if I display date modified and date created, now I've lost more than half my screen real estate. Super, super irritating, Evernote! Is there a way to switch back to the view with the Notes list on top of the writing/editing panel?? Making me crazy... Emma
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