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  1. Same exact problem. This is some old-school core-function QA fail bullshit that used to happen 7 years ago. How was this not tested before releasing a prettified update?? THIS is why Evernote is losing customers and market share. If a UI update brings down basic synching functions, I don't even know where to start explaining how not OK and not sustainable EN's priorities are. This instability basically makes ios Evernote unusable until a fix is released. Why would i create any notes on my phone knowing they can disappear because of a randomly occurring synch fail over which I have no con
  2. In an update last year, I lost about 1" of screen space (top list view) to the giant font headline advertising the notebook title and note count (+ a ton of empty space) I'm in. Super annoying. Then today, without having run an update in three weeks, all of a sudden I lost another 1/2" of space to - again, giant font (I'm not blind...) - "tabs" to toggle between NOTES and REMINDERS below the previous waste of header space. I want to remove or at least adjust down the loss of screen space these two headers take up so I can see more of the note I'm working in or more of the list of notes I'm usi
  3. Talking directly to Evernote here: First, you have a problem on your hands. Second, your response is inadequate as it has been on previous issues you've had with shoddily tested releases (one of which I personally know you had to roll back). So a.) a big mea culpa "we didn't test this properly" is in order - instead of, "the onus is on you, our customers, to prove the problem and fix it yourselves" + very little follow up communication on threads like these where customers are leaving, and b.) get a real Q&A team or test bed or whatever is missing that this, um, "stuff" keeps h
  4. There is no trick to replicating this bug - I think everyone on this thread agrees that it happens every time you try to do anything in the app on an iPhone (or iPad in some cases). I worked in QA, so I'm familiar with your needs re: reporting a bug, but the onus here is not on us users: it's a persistent behavior across iOS on many devices that happens every time we use the app. Period. No special steps. I click the Evernote icon, there is a 10-second lag. I close the app and re-open it. 10-second lag. I try to type in the open app: 10-second lag. You get the idea.
  5. MASSIVELY slow, to the point that I've gone back to making notes longhand when there's any urgency. And it happens every single time I click back into the app, not just opening a new note. There's a minimum of a 10-second delay every time I return to the app. Just nothing - no movement, no cursor, no response to typing. Does Evernote bother to test these big release's performance at all before they send it out?
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