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  1. THANK YOU!!!! It's great that you guys were able to turn this around so quick - you must have swooped straight into action when it became clear the removal of the top list was an absolute show-stopper for so many of us. Life is full of learning experiences right - if I could suggest one take-away from this whole storm in a tea-cup, it would be to let your customers know that you have swooped into action. I contacted chat support and they simply refused to tell me anything. They suggested I post here, and again, nothing official from EverNote. I checked the EverNote blog, also nothing. You had leapt into action, but we simply did not know you had, so we were still worrying that we needed to shout louder to be heard. A simple to the point blog post to the effect that a solution is in the works was all that would have been needed. At the very least you could have given your tech support people a quick one-line stock answer to that effect. I felt so sorry for the poor chat support agent who was prevented from helping me, either because she had been kept ignorant, or because she had been told to say nothing. As it was, both of us left the conversation with nothing to show for it but wasted time - I was no more mollified than when the chat started started (in fact I was more frustrated), and the agent seemed genuinely sorry that she was unable to be of any assistance at all. Anyhow - thanks, and please consider being more communicative next time there is a boo boo. I never judge a company by whether or not they make mistakes, we ALL do that, I judge companies by how they respond to their mistakes, and how they learn from their mistakes. Bart.
  2. Hi. I think a lot of users have been clamoring for this Reminders functionality for a long time (for five years now). And, many users (myself included) have been asking for a vertical list view like the one already available in Windows. I understand your point about not sacrificing one view for another, but I also think it is worth considering some of the factors that might have led the developers to make this decision. After all, just a few hours ago they were the ones who made an app you loved, so it is unlikely that they suddenly lost their intelligence I'm not arguing those who want a vertical view should be denied it. I don't see what either reminders or the addition of a new view has to do with the removal of the only view in evernote that shows all the relevant meta data together. List view allowed sorting on title, date updated, and date created, now it's just half a title and one date. The old view does not preclude reminders or due dates or anything like that. I doubt the developers in the trenches made this dumb decision, that's what managers are for.
  3. You mean it's only us Mac users who are getting such a rotten deal from this upgrade? HOW is that either fair or acceptable?
  4. Where were we? We were earning a living that's where! The tone of this comment is just not good enough for an Evernote official (EvernoteEvangelist looks official so I'm assuming it is). I'm a paying user. I expect a service I buy to get better, not worse. It is impossible to make an argument that a list that can only show one and a half piece of data is better than a list that could show all the relevant data for a note. List view allowed me to sort by title, date created or date last edited depending on my needs. Evernote already has a million and one fluff views that show no data, the list view was the one and only powerful view the app supported, and now that too has been turned into useless fluff. This is categorically a reduction in functionality a DOWNGRADE. There is an aesthetics argument too, but vital functionality is GONE - it is not moved, it is GONE. I really get the impression Evernote don't care about power users. Evernote has lost the ability to see all the data about notes in a single sensible place.
  5. The impression I get is that EverNote has become a worse note taking app because management wanted to make it into a reminders app. Not a single Evernote user bought Evernote because they wanted a reminders app, we all bought it to take notes!!! Sacrificing the core functionality we all bought Evernote to provide in order to provide a new bell or whistle was colossally stupid.
  6. The new list view is a massive DOWNGRADE. What good is a list that is not wide enough to show the information it is supposed to be listing? To be able to find my notes efficiently I need to be able to see the titles of my notes and their metadata at the same time. The horizontal list view worked PERFECTLY. It did what a list view needs to do. The vertical version DOES NOT WORK - it fails at it's one and only function - displaying lists. I see partial titles and only ONE piece of metadata. IF IT'S NOT BROKE - DON'T "FIX" IT! I'm very very very annoyed that Evernote think that making their app harder to use and a worse experience is something their users should tolerate. I pay for this service, and, I have trusted it with a lot of very important data. I am now regretting that trust - my data is now trapped in a difficult to use app!
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