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  1. I don't specifically want to change the font, as then it will look odeon other devices. I just want a more customisable zoom level with text reflow.
  2. I too need a way to have the font appear bigger in evernote on the iPad without resorting to changing the font size, as it then looks absurd on the desktop. In Apple Mail, you press command and plus to increase the visible size of an email, the font seems to increase, all formatting is preserved and the text reflows perfectly on lines below without going off the side of the page, and when you change to another email or return back to the first email after closing it, it has returned to it's original zoom level. This is the perfect idea for the iPad and the Mac clients.
  3. Thanks JMichael, but I don't want to change the font on the Mac, I would like the text size on the phone to be scaled up within the software or maybe through one of the accessibility settings. I've tried the dynamic text size option in settings, but that doesn't work.
  4. Hi, I have recently gotten an iPhone 6 Plus. This may be really easy to answer. When I use my Mac Evernote, the default font size is perfectly readable. On my new iPhone 6 Plus, the text is just approaching the point where I would like to increase the size visible on screen, but I don't want to increase the font size and have it larger on the Mac or any other screen I might read it on. Is there a simple way to do this? Pinch and zoom is no use, as you now have to scroll. I want to get larger text and automatically have it reflow. Any thoughts?
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