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  1. Thanks. I solved it a different way. Used the menu bar 'add note' facility to wake Evernote in the background, waited a few minutes for the next sync to remove the corrupted notes, then opened it - and it stayed open. has been running stably since so I think it's now 'case closed'. Now to get that 2 hours of my life back!
  2. OK - gradually unpicking this problem. It's not a database problem it's a Preview problem. The PDFs that Evernote is gagging on have been marked up with either Skitch or PDF Pen (I use both, so can't tell if it's one or the other that's causing the problem). The predictor is that they won't display a preview thumbnail when viewed in Finder and they won't open in Preview. Now while Preview handles the exception and throws a message: "an error occurred with the preview of this document", Evernote just crashes when it tries to display either a thumbnail or a preview. So I am now trawling through all such files using the browser version (which doesn't have any problem with the files, but interestingly doesn't display the markup), saving the files to the desktop and deleting the notes. Once I have done all that I will simply print out the PDFs, scan them back into Evernote and all should be well. The only difficulty I am still having (apart from the sheer tediousness of the process) it that while I can rescue the Air after an Evernote crash by quickly clicking on a 'safe' search when it opens, the desktop version refuses to play ball and crashes quicker than I can trick it into looking at safe content. I may still have to restore from the servers but will have a good go at it once I am sure I have purged all the poisonous PDFs.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I don't have local notebooks or unsynced notes, so OK there. I've pretty well isolated the issue to the notes that contain PDFs that have been marked up. So I'm thinking that maybe it's more of a display problem than a database problem. I'll try finding and removing those notes and see if that works. Might save me a few days of syncing!
  4. My Evernote has had a total meltdown. Try to launch it and it crashes immediately on both iMac and Macbook Air. I suspect it might have something to do with a corrupted PDF as I have had a few random crashes recently when trying to mark up a PDF with Skitch. Was working with a notebook / tag combination that included several of these marked up PDFs when the terminal problem occurred. Have been able to use Evernote browser version as a temporary workaround, but as I rely on Evernote heavily for all my consulting work this is a major problem. I have read in https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23172211 that I can download everything again from the servers, but if I do that, and it's a PDF corruption problem, will the underlying problem recur? Any suggestions?
  5. I'm having similar problems but have narrowed it down a bit. I can email into my - or someone else's - Evernote by sending an email from Gmail using their @m.evernote address. I can't send a note from within Evernote by using the Share button \ Email note... facility. I get confirmation that the email has been sent, but it doesn't turn up in the recipient's Evernote.Am using Mac OS X latest versions of everything. Does Evernote try to use the Mac mail client for sending? We use Google Apps mail and don't have Mac mail client configured. Of course if this is the issue I would have expected something other than a 'mail sent' confirmation. Definitely something not right somewhere!
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