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  1. Dave-in-Decatur thanks for this response.
  2. Completely agree. Evernote you guys are basically becoming the General Motors of this space. whatever your intentions, you give off the impression that you are complacent and you truly do not give a ***** about your users. Basic problems -- like the web clipper won't work on pdfs on firefox -- stay around for YEARS. What exactly are you doing? I do not remember a SINGLE new feature that I cared about in the last several years. I used to be a fan of your company. But basically you are headed towards your "Toyota vs. GM moment" where a new incumbent is going to come along. At that point you are going to ask us, your long time users for loyalty, and we are going to respond -- "you were never loyal to us."
  3. Totally agree with you that this is infuriating and it’s been going on forever. What is the problem evernote. Just fix this.
  4. I know it's been a while since you posted this, Jason54 but just wanted to say thanks, this was a very helpful comment. I should add that I find it extremely frustrating that the evernote team has not addressed this yet. On the windows version, you absolutely can remove a notebook from the stack by clicking in the sidebar, so I was expecting to be able to do the same thing on the mac.
  5. Thanks for the tip re: opening a pdf in evernote. That was able to resolve the immediate issue and evernote is now back working. I was having the same problem this morning, and yes I did submit a support ticket. I'll just join the others in saying that I do hope this issue is resolved soon.
  6. Another vote for bringing back horizontal list view.
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