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  1. I should have updated this topic after Evernote Support resolved my issue. I'm not sure what actually fixed it, but I believe I ended up uninstalling the program on both my desktop and my HTC One X+, re-installing both, and maybe even following DeanP's advice above. At any rate, all is well now.
  2. I submitted a support request and was assigned support ticket #46043. As I am a free (& new) user, I'm not sure what priority to expect but if others are having the issue, too (& report it), I hope we'll see a quick resolution.
  3. Good to know I'm not alone with this ... If others are having this issue, maybe that suggests an Evernote solution will be forthcoming sooner ...
  4. Hi all, After having previous successful experience modifying a file created on my HTC One X+ (running Jelly Bean OS) and synched with my desktop, I am now repeatedly getting this error when I try to update it and Save the updated on my phone: java.io.IOException: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory) Also, the attempted update is not Saved I tried 1) Synching and 2) shutting the phone down and attempting to update again, but the error continues. I appreciate any insights. Jeff
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