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  1. I picked up the Doxie One a couple weeks ago and it is similar to the Doxie Go. Both scanners capture images without the need of a computer. Turn the scanner on, insert the document and it is pulled through the scanner and the image is captured as individucal JPEGs and stored to the scanner's local memory - either an SD card or, in the case of the Doxie Go, a USB drive or a modest amount of onboard memory. When done scanning, you can pop the SD card out of the scanner and insert it in a computer where you have installed the Doxie software. The software will import the images from SD card. From there you can clean up the images - brightness, contrast, cropping, rotation - and for multipage documents, "staple" multiple images together into a PDF file. You can then save images as JPEG or PDF, with or without OCR on PDF files. The final image files can be stored locally on the PC in a folder, sent to Evernote on the local PC or can be sent to various cloud services. So you can scan documents and capture the images without the need of a PC, but to do anything with the images, you will need a PC. Before you poo-poo this concept, it is still pretty slick. I keep the Doxie on the kitchen table and as I go through the paper mail, I scan what I need to and when I have the time, even several days later, process the images from the SD card. The Doxie is small enough to go into my bag when I head out and if I get paper stuff I want to image, I can with just pulling out the Doxie and running the paper through it. No need to drag out the laptop and hook everything up. **Update** - I just got a reply back from Doxie support and they tell me that a wireless Eye-Fi SD card can be configured to send the images directly to certain cloud services - they specifically mentioned Evernote and Flickr, although Dropbox and Google Drive were questionable at this time. Of course you would have to have wifi internet access but a mobile hotspot would probably work. Of course what would be sent to the cloud service would be the individual JPEG images with no processing. I prefer the Doxie One - its about $55 cheaper (Amazon) than the Doxie Go and runs on replaceable, rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries. (make sure you get the NiMH batteries - it won't work on Alkalines) So if the batteries run out of juice, I can swap out a set and keep on going. The Doxie Go has a built in rechargeable battery and when it runs out, you're out of luck until you can re-charge. The SD card works fine for me so I don't really need the option for a USB drive or the internal memory. Keep in mind that the Doxie is a single page, one sided scanner. If you are needing to do more voluminous scan jobs, you probably need something else. Hope that helps. Aloha, Just receive my Doxie One and Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB+Wi-Fi wireless memory card...phew that was a mouthful! Ordered them both on Amazon and they came quite quickly. I'm going paperless big time using Evernote for receipts, archiving documents, reference material, web clippings, some pictures, cards, notes, etc. I'm using DropBox for day-to-day documents, graphics and pictures that I tend to use, attached and modify in my day-to-day business dealings. Needless to say I'm tired of all the paper files and trying to find things when I need them. This will help a lot and I'll be retaining hard copies of only the absolute essential items. My main reason for getting the Doxie One is because it can integrate wirelessly to get scanned items directly into Evernote, or into the Doxie app where they can be "stapled" together and then sent over to Evernote. Also reasonably priced, compact and easy to use....or so I've read. There really is a lot of versatiity here from what I can tell so far because you can download the Eye-Fi app on your phone or tablet and set it up so that whatever goes onto the memory card, be it pics or documents or whatever, can get added to the camera roll of your mobile device and then of course from there there are ways to quickly "Open In" or "Import" to Evernote, DropBox, etc. Also, if you have a nice digital camera then you can use the Eye-Fi memory card for that and based on your settings you can have the photos you take automagically sent over to your devices camera roll where you could archive them, share them via social media or what not. Pretty cool! Basically the card is programmed to connect to your existing WiFi network....or you can create your own custom network for data transfer purposes so that it can work anywhere. While at home I'll just have my MacBook Pro open with the Doxie and Eye-Fi applications running and scan in all of my receipts and files then sort and send them over that way. When I'm out and about I'll see about configuring it so that the scanning and Eye-Fi card can work in conjunction with either my iPad or iPhone or both to accomplish the same purpose. For basic day-to-day receipts it is fastest and easiest to just snap a photo of them from the phone and bring it directly into Evernote I've found. Really the scanner comes into play for BULK (backlog) receipts and also high volume documents. As you can tell I'm in the early stages of this, but just wanted to share some feedback that within 15-20 minutes I was able to configure both the Eye-Fi program on my Mac and the Doxie program on my Mac to import the scanned files wirelessly from the Doxie One via the Eye-Fi card and then send over to Evernote. The Eye-Fi program can be configured to automagically send every single scan straight over into the Evernote inbox folder and Doxie is designed to bring in the files first, let you edit them and staple them (add multiple together for one note) then export them to Evernote in PDF format...probably other formats, too. I have a pile of receipts to do that will all be going into Evernote as individual expense notes so I'll use the automatic direct import feature through the Eye-Fi for those. For the multi-page documents I will import into the Doxie program, name, staple then export to Evernote. For those with more experience as to the best (ie: simplest) ways to configure this for getting from analog into Evernote and/or Dropbox please share. Both Doxie and Eye-Fi offer extensive customization functionality, which is great, but it can also be a little overwhelming at first when trying to determine the best way to get everything setup. Mahalo! 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  2. I've experienced a similar problem as well. I saved multiple audio clips; some a few minutes in length and others 10-15 minutes long. Some synced and others were lost....seemingly forever.
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