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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for investigating this. I'm happy to report that since my latest message (almost a month ago!) I haven't been logged out from the web clipper any more. I'm currently running version 5.9.18.
  2. Hmmm.. but that takes too much space, which I would rather keep for the note display! I know my request may start looking a bit childish, but I would just really love to have some button on the chrome, e.g. next to the sync and the notification buttons, to go directly "home" to view all my notebooks.
  3. Please, please, just add a button on the toolbar to quickly toggle between "Notes" and "Notebooks" view. I'm kind of a mouse driven person, so either going for the hotkeys (which I never remember) or looking for the relevant item in the menu is getting kind of frustrating!
  4. Just to say “me too”. I’m using the 5.9.15 chrome web clipper, and I’m getting increasingly frustrated at the fact that it keeps logging me out every week or so.
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