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  1. Another vote in favor of bringing back horizontal view. Why did horizontal view have to go anyway? I now understand that there was a forum post asking for feedback on horizontal view, but when it comes to features, why in the world should it ever be an either/or proposition? That would be like Microsoft asking Word users if they preferred boldface or italics because they can't have both! I presume after this amount of feedback that horizontal view will be returning soon, but does anyone know if it's possible to downgrade to the prior release until this is fixed? I don't really need to be reminded to take notes (or whatever GTD things people do with Evernote), but I do need to be able to write them! I'm on a Mac and I have an older version available on my laptop. I'm just worried that the update changed the database so that the old version won't work anymore. Edit: Actually, I guess I could just wipe the entire thing and download my entire database from evernote's server into the old version.
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