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  1. +1 I'd also like the feature to password protect a notebook. It's the one thing that stops me using Evernote for a journal or personal information.
  2. Hi, For a very long time now, Evernote on my laptop is incredibly slow to the extent that I can't use it. When I try to open it, it says opening database for ages, then everything basically freezes for a while. Once that finishes I can click on a note but it takes at least 30 seconds to one minute each time I click on a new note. However... I was on a flight recently and I discovered that it seems to work ok if I'm in flight mode?? I have tried all sorts of things I could find about optimising the database and so on but no success, I also totally uninstalled the application and reinstalled and still the problem persists?? Any ideas what could be causing this or how I can potentially fix it? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Stuart
  3. Yeah, it seems so. I'd just like to be able to minimise that big grey section at the top that has the Text Editor or Created / Updated and also the Reminder / Share / Info / Delete section. I prefer a very minimalist design. Hopefully they add the feature where I can minimise it in a future update.
  4. You're right, I hadn't actually tried it out. Just tried it there and seems to be a fault. Doesn't allow you to check or uncheck the option. I just altered it in the registry as well and that didn't remove the unassigned tags either. I'm sure they'll sort it in a future update.
  5. If you click on: View > Show Unassigned Tags should be the second last option. On the Windows desktop version anyway.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to collapse the text edit options, reminder, info, share, created, updated section at the top of a note in Evernote 5? In Evernote 4 there used to be a small arrow or F8 I think it was, in this version it doesn't seem possible to collapse? Anyone any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi, I left this for quite a while as the comments gathered. I thought I should comment to say thanks for all the input. It seems the best route is multiple notes within a notebook. I've realised the only reason I liked one big note was that I could continually scroll through it reading as I go. However this also has drawbacks. I'd actually now like a Kindle like system where I can swipe across the screen to move to the next note like reading a book I wrote myself while viewing it on my phone but that's another topic... I have decided to go for the many notes approach with each one titled as follows: YYYY-MM-DD - Day - Location For Example... 2013-09-05 - Thursday - Glasgow I normally take Journal style notes when trvelling and find it very difficult to remember to journal when at home. Although I have been trying it's a lot less common. This system allows me to tag each note by country or put them in a separate notebook for Country or Year etc. I find that having individual notes makes it easier to quickly create a note on the desktop client or on my mobile and sort it later. It also provides the ability to be more creative within each note, add an image, or a ticket stub etc, something that will add to the memory of that day. Another benefit is that it removes the need to scroll for quite a few seconds through a note on your mobile to get to where you want and removes the fear of accidentally deleting a whole note! Lose one day instead of a year. One other thing that swayed my decision was the discovery that I could remove the snippet layout that took up too much screen space for my liking (the snippet takes up about 3 or 4 lines). The realisation that I could set list view into a vertical column beside my notes worked much better for me enabling me to see the majority of my notes at a glance and quickly click through them. I can probably see 3 or 4 times more notes on the screen rather than with the snippet layout. I'm sure there are many other benefits, geotagging, etc. Thanks again for the input and hopefully the thread helps a few others plan their structure.
  8. Hi, I've been using Evernote for quite a while but never had the need to post a question. However... I'm looking for a few opinions... Currently I have a Journal and also a To Do List within my Evernote, these are my two main used notes. My current simple setup is as follows: To Do List: A single note, it's really just a list of important things I need to sort that day or at some point. I just use one single note and then use the score out font character to score something out once I've completed it. One annoyance is that on the android app it doesn't have this score out characters option in the fonts!? No a huge problem though as I either delete or alter on the laptop later. Journal: For the last 6 or 7 months I traveled around Central America, while travelling I've always wanted to keep a small journal of what I've been doing each day etc. I used to always struggle to do this with pen and paper but since I've started using Evernote this has become easier and easier. I really just keep a short post from each day, sometimes only a sentence or two... other days several hundred words. I think they call it micro blogging but sometimes I get a bit carried away if something interesting has happened. While keeping these notes in my Journal I have just used a single note called: Central America. I just checked and it's around 20,000 words. All of this is in a single note the same style as my to do list just with a lot more text. This brings me to my question... I have this system where effectively I only use two notes to record stuff to do and a journal. The journal covers quite a few months, I could shorten it into a month at a time? or country at a time? or should I use an individual note for each day? I want to keep in the habit of taking notes even when I am not travelling. So quite simply... is there benefits to individual notes? or just long single notes? Any help advice, feedback or tips are appreciated. Thanks.
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