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  1. On Evernote Mac 6.10, my note content previews are missing/not being refreshed. They show up if I edit the note (e.g. adding a space or full stop) on my Mac, but not if they were edited or created on other machines (i.e. my iOS or Windows desktop). The note title shows up but with a blank preview. This cripples my use of Evernote Premium, since I rely on content previews to sort through notes quickly
  2. Heartily second this. I DON'T WANT a mandatory full preview of each note taking up screen space on the right and exposing my thoughts to casual peekers. I'd like to open notes when I wish, please. I relied completely on Card view in the past (and on my desktop)
  3. Generally much more nimble but I'm really missing the Note Card view from the old version, esp on my iPad. I don't want nor need a full preview on the right (it's also a security risk for over-the-shoulder peekers). I'd rather have the option to turn off the full preview and use the screen space to display more note cards. I'm a Premium User.
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