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  1. Tried Evernote Legacy today and it's also not great on battery consumption. "Energy Impact" on Activity Monitor is at about 20-50, and it would take about 50% of a core. This is just to keep Evernote Renderer running. I've switched over to just using web Evernote on Safari, and "Energy Impact" goes down to about 1 to 10.
  2. Same here. Evernote helper running in the background takes 100% CPU.
  3. I occasionally like to sign onto the web client on my work laptop. I'm aware of the risks of unknown amount of monitoring from my employer. That being said, I'm comfortable with the uncertainty. What I'd like to know is if the viewed notes are simply stored in plain text after each session. If so, is logging out sufficient? Or do I need to clear the browser cache?
  4. I heard Evernote keeps a local unencrypted copy of all data from notes and notebooks. Will it do this for a notebook that was shared from another account? In other words, I have notebook ABC shared from account 1 (owner of ABC) to account 2, and machine B has only account 2 logged in with the Mac client. Will machine B have notebook ABC saved locally?
  5. Try downloading the "legacy" evernote for mac/pc. It works super fast comparatively.
  6. Just installed legacy. Forgot how much faster the experience was. Things load instantly.
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