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  1. @agsteele, correct. I had the Free account, which limits to 2 devices, and a certain amount of "unsyncs" per month. I had reached that limit.
  2. Found a solution. Attempted to log into with the web app and clicked upgrade. Then went over to account settings on the top right, and got down to two devices. I thought I was in a catch 22 situation, where I couldn't unsync in without unsyncing first.
  3. I think I might have reinstalled evernote once or twice this last month. I'm now effectively locked out of my evernote account. I only have 3 devices and none of them can log in with web or with the app.
  4. Looks this was fixed! Evernote drops to nearly 0% cpu when the window is not in the foreground.
  5. This is normal for an Electron based app. Compare with Chrome, Slack, etc... This is not the main reason for high CPU usage. It's the utilization of 1 or 2 of these processes, not the number of processes. edit, to save CPU/power, see my recommendation above and the other one to try turning off spell checking
  6. Here is the workaround I've been using, only for when evernote is in the background. Works for my use case.
  7. To others, a solution for some of us before Evernote fixes this is to use Evernote in Full Screen mode. When you change windows to/from evernote, OSX is forced to switch to another desktop, which effectively produces the same side effects as cmd-H and triggering something tell Evernote/Electron to calm down the rendering/refreshing. That's my educated guess. If someone familiar with Electron and OSX can help look into this more, please do. Perhaps a better workaround could be provided for us.
  8. Hey Evernote, The CPU usage of the renderer is going nuts even when Evernote window is not actively in the foreground. However, the renderer calms down significantly when cmd+H hides the window. I often have evernote running in the background with the window open, but not in the foreground (e.g. through switching windows using cmd+tab). However, it really sucks that evernote is eating so much CPU when I forget to cmd+H. This tells me that the renderer is being very inefficient if the Evernote window is not even active or visible. I think Cmd-H might be nearly identical to the user as not having the application visible (either foreground or background). Thus my recommendation as a quick fix to Electron woes is to look into how cmd-H causes such different behavior the to the renderer and Electron. Do a strack track and inspect the behavior and see yourself. You'll see tons of calls to CFRunLoop (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corefoundation/cfrunloop-rht) to poll for updates. My guess is lots of the different sections of the app are using CPU time trying to check for updates. As a quick workaround, try figuring out if there's a way to identify when the Evernote is not visible and mimic the same outcome as when cmd-H is applied. But of course, a more efficient rendering of Electron is the long term solution. Please fix this. It's a real issue. My macbook is constantly hot and fans spinning whenever I have Evernote running, even when not visible. Manual cmd+H or cmd+M, etc... is the only viable solution right now without quitting the app entirely. Regards, Henry
  9. Still seems a problem for me. Do you know where this issue is tracked so I can check for udpates? Or do you work for Evernote?
  10. I briefly saw a way to see "developer tools" or something similar under the "help" menu bar. This brought up a chrome developer tools side bar. I also was able to do `cmd-R` and refresh evernote manually. A few minutes later, this all disappeared. How do I get access to developer tools again? Or was this accidentally revealed through a bug? I was hoping to finally inspect what is causing Evernote to hog up a ton of CPU and battery life.
  11. Tried Evernote Legacy today and it's also not great on battery consumption. "Energy Impact" on Activity Monitor is at about 20-50, and it would take about 50% of a core. This is just to keep Evernote Renderer running. I've switched over to just using web Evernote on Safari, and "Energy Impact" goes down to about 1 to 10.
  12. Same here. Evernote helper running in the background takes 100% CPU.
  13. I occasionally like to sign onto the web client on my work laptop. I'm aware of the risks of unknown amount of monitoring from my employer. That being said, I'm comfortable with the uncertainty. What I'd like to know is if the viewed notes are simply stored in plain text after each session. If so, is logging out sufficient? Or do I need to clear the browser cache?
  14. I heard Evernote keeps a local unencrypted copy of all data from notes and notebooks. Will it do this for a notebook that was shared from another account? In other words, I have notebook ABC shared from account 1 (owner of ABC) to account 2, and machine B has only account 2 logged in with the Mac client. Will machine B have notebook ABC saved locally?
  15. Try downloading the "legacy" evernote for mac/pc. It works super fast comparatively.
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