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  1. I also would largely appreciate a portable evernote installation. My company (let's call it Paranoia corp.) seems to have very little trust in its employees and blocks everything blockable: Installation of software, installatio of browser plugins (web clipper), Browser profile synchronization - and writing of data to any external media or net drives - anything. You can't even tag programs to the taskbar or delete icons from the desktop. Unfortunately I formerly worked for another company having more trust to its employees. So all my working notes are on evernote. But the web interface is not as comfortable, and I'm really missing the web clipper. But at least I need a "real" evernote with multiple lean windows and all the GUI goodies Evernote has to offer. No hope for me?
  2. Hi guys, I just need a little hint sending formatting code to Evernote: I wrote a ahk macro to create a short formatted daily to-do list. However I fail in sending the format keys correctly. For example: SendInput ^bMasterplaner für den %tomorrow%^b{Enter}%tomorrow%{Enter}^bTerminplanung^b{Enter} will create something like this when sent to WordPad: Masterplaner für den 2014.04.09 2014.04.09 Terminplanung However when I send it to an Evernote window, I just get plain text without bold letters etc. How can I fix this? Thanks a lot...Ralf
  3. The official reply from evernote support is to re-install Evernote as admin. ... Let's see whether this will do the job ... ?
  4. Hi everybody, since there is a lot of rumour about the good OCR qualities of evernote, I bought a Doxie go and gave it a try. I scanned a huge stack of old bills with the standard settings of Doxie and moved them to evernote (premium). But my first impression is depressing: From 179 bills adressed to me, only 13 were found when I'm searching for my name. When I export the searchable pdfs from evernote, they are a total mess. Nothing that even resembles the text that is really on the document. What might have been my fault? I was scanning with 300 dpi - and the scans are rather good, I believe. Please take a look at the attached bill (zipped) and what Evernote made of it. How may I improve this? Regards Ralf Rechnung bis 20130003-searchable.pdf Rechnung bis 20130003.zip
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