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  1. Hi guys, I just need a little hint sending formatting code to Evernote: I wrote a ahk macro to create a short formatted daily to-do list. However I fail in sending the format keys correctly. For example: SendInput ^bMasterplaner für den %tomorrow%^b{Enter}%tomorrow%{Enter}^bTerminplanung^b{Enter} will create something like this when sent to WordPad: Masterplaner für den 2014.04.09 2014.04.09 Terminplanung However when I send it to an Evernote window, I just get plain text without bold letters etc. How can I fix this? Thanks a lot...Ralf
  2. The official reply from evernote support is to re-install Evernote as admin. ... Let's see whether this will do the job ... ?
  3. Hi everybody, since there is a lot of rumour about the good OCR qualities of evernote, I bought a Doxie go and gave it a try. I scanned a huge stack of old bills with the standard settings of Doxie and moved them to evernote (premium). But my first impression is depressing: From 179 bills adressed to me, only 13 were found when I'm searching for my name. When I export the searchable pdfs from evernote, they are a total mess. Nothing that even resembles the text that is really on the document. What might have been my fault? I was scanning with 300 dpi - and the scans are rather good, I believe. Please take a look at the attached bill (zipped) and what Evernote made of it. How may I improve this? Regards Ralf Rechnung bis 20130003-searchable.pdf Rechnung bis 20130003.zip
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