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  1. I'll just add my voice in as well. I'd also like to see either a return of horizontal view, the ability to hide views altogether (not my preferred option, but I'd do better without that extra column). On my MBPr, I have Evernote displaying in all spaces, and only taking up the right half of the screen so I can use it in conjunction with all of my other programs. I write a lot of product documentation for software development, and having my notebook take up that much more real estate and/or reduce the size of the notes/document space I have to write in is far less effective for me. I've only visited the forums a couple of times to figure out how to do a couple of specific things in Evernote (like highlighting text). A few minutes ago I updated the app and was surprised to see horizontal view disappear. I spent about 20 minutes fumbling around trying to figure out how to get it back, then came here, found this thread, and learned it was by intention. I'm going to try as a few others have suggested and use Time Machine to find the previous version of the app - hopefully that works. Thanks for listening.
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