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  1. Thanks, Don. I ended up with too many tags, so this is a great idea. John
  2. Thanks, Analyst444. I will give this some more thought.
  3. Great stuff, Christopher. I've enjoyed your website before. Thanks--
  4. Thanks, Chris, for the ideas--and for deleting the three dupes! When I first tried to post this I received an error message and thought I had not been successful. That's what I get for "thinking." Very helpful--
  5. I've been unable to find an answer to this: what is the best way to manage quotations in Evernote? What method will work best for being able to save and search hundreds, perhaps thousands, of quotes? These are quotes that I save for public speaking (not for academic research purposes) or just because I like them. I have perhaps a couple hundred of them now (in a list) but will add hundreds more over time.Thanks Should I: 1) create a note for each quote and then tag the note, or 2) have one "Quotations" note that I append each quote to as I acquire them, or 3) another option that is better? Thanks for any suggestions or links (I really have looked for them!). John
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