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  1. Thank you so much for returning the horizontal list view. I've been using Evernote since 2009 and recommend it to everyone.
  2. After using the vertical list view today while searching, it doesn't work well at all. I thought I might get used to it, just as I did with the search button being moved in the Evernote webclipper. However, it was really awful. With the vertical view, it was much harder to see at a glance just which of those 12 notes was the one I needed. Please bring back horizontal view! I'd much rather have the reminder button only available in vertical view than never have the horizontal view again. What's the point of taking notes if you can't search or read them easily? ---Mary
  3. Thanks for posting the link to download the older version with horizontal view. I'm rolling back to it until it returns to the Mac version. I can do without reminders in exchange for getting the horizontal list view back.
  4. Yikes! I really don't like the vertical layout for list view. So many of my notes have photos, drawings, etc, and the vertical format is terrible for them. Also, if you are a heavy user with multiple notebooks, the vertical layout really truncates the information that is displayed. Now the layout is very text heavy, with little white space. It is much harder to read. Please, please give us back the horizontal display for List view!
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