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  1. Me too. Android phone. Cursor jumps to the the top of the note when typing/editing. It seems to work okay when the phone is flat vs. held vertically.
  2. I have this issue on my Android phone. It is becoming highly annoying. I do not see edit protection on Android OS.
  3. I have an Android phone. Since the latest release, if Evernote is the last app I've used, the app stays open and the screen does not sleep. How do I change this so it sleeps with the phone after 2 minutes?
  4. I use Evernote on a Windows Desktop. Each time I open Evernote, I need to enter my email/password. Using Evernote v 10.7.6. Not a problem on my phone or tablet.
  5. What is the trick to printing a note from an Android phone?  I turned on the sharable link but there is no option for sharing outside Evernote. 

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