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  1. The only thing stopping me from integrating Evernote and Penultimate into my daily routine is the lack of audio recording in penultimate. I currently find penultimates handwriting input to be far better than the app I'm using (notability), but the lack of audio recording is a deal breaker. I'm an attorney and attend lots of meetings with other lawyers and clients. During these meetings, it is far more efficient for me to record the meeting and jot down a time stamp that something important was said. This way, I don't need to worry about copying down everything someone says, but I can simply write down the time they said it and a quick note as to what it relates to. Later, while writing I can listen to the recording at the time stamps I jotted down and repeat exactly what the person said. This work flow would work spectacularly using penultimate where I could upload the audio and notes to Evernote and do everything from my computer. I realize that Evernote for iPad can record audio notes, but I don't have a time stamp (i.e., how long I've been recording) displayed so that I can jot down the time in the recording when something important was said. Please add this feature!
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