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  1. Just to add my voice to this: I was also very annoyed to see horizontal view gone after updating (at the very least, why was that not mentioned in the "what's new?" note so that I could have made a decision on this rather than silently getting something taken away?). The app feels very unbalanced now -- the note used to be in the center, now I'm looking at lots of chrome on the left half of the window, and the note is pushed to the right half. I also don't understand the arguments given here for why horizontal view wouldn't have worked with reminders, but anyway. I might be able to live with this if the following would be possible: - maximise width of vertical list, basically so much that the main window is just this list (+ the sidebar). At the moment, there seems to be a miminum size for the note pane on the side. Why not just drop that completely? - keyboard shortcut for opening note in separate window. Indeally something simple like just hitting return in the list.
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