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  1. I am a bit surprised that this has still not been fixed, or at least some info regarding when published. All things in EN can be done using the ability to search for info/answers EXCEPT the reminders part. If you need to search for info, the reminders are useless. The hole concept is to be alerted about something, so there are two major bugs making the reminders part useless, until fixed (i know we all can prepare and get used to how we can use it etc). 1) sound on reminders in IOS 2) EN not syncing the reminders, unless you open EN on the IOS device. Please let us know when you are planning to fix these issues, so we really can start using it, if you are going to - or if we still should look at 3 part apps to fix this, like the new "Remember the milk" version, integrating EN reminders, with all features like recurring reminders etc..... My biggest wish is to get it all inside EN.... /Torben
  2. Just the msg. i waited for. Thank You :-) AND thanks for a fantastic product. WIshlist: 1) Recurring reminders 2) Ability to create one note, with several tasks and several reminders.. /Torben
  3. Strange that we don't hear anything regarding the sound issue....I got the update this morning with some fixes, but still no sound.... I am new to the forums here (but for sure not new to Evernote)... is it normal that nobody from EN writes anything, like...yes we know, and it will be fixed or yes we know, but we don't give a s... or....???
  4. Hi there. Love reminders soooo much. Have been waiting for this a long time. Why is there no sound when reminders go of on IOS ??
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